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AlyciaRose | Oranum

PROFESSIONAL - Radio & TV - Authentic - Honest - 30 yrs Exp. - Integrity matters - Love - Career - Money - Lost Objects - Paranormal - Past Lives - Tarot - Runes - Reiki Healing - Psychic Diagnosis - Remote Viewing - Spirit Communication - Magickal Advice - clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, precognizant ....OVER 21K READINGS & 4.5 YEARS ON ORANUM... Available 3pm-12mid EST most days

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  •   starfish57  2 days ago

    long but good reading; got lots of answers
    and confirmations too
    very helpful!
    thank you.

  •   starfish57  5 days ago

    Quick, fast, to the point, knows her stuff!
    Great reading!

  •   clarity711  11 days ago

    Great reading! Fast and to the point

  •   SantiagoDelToroG  13 days ago

    Very quick and to the point, told me exactly what I had to hear *not what I wanted to hear*

    Real honesty. Much respect. Thanks for the service.

  •   thisjourney  13 days ago

    Alycia is wonderful!

  •   jasminearizona  18 days ago

    Alycia thank you so much for giving me insight on my family situation with my father's illness. As usual you connect very quickly and I love your vibes. Thank you so much and I will see you soon!!!

  •   Babycakes1111  19 days ago

    She was wonderful and very attuned to my situation. She nailed it dead on! thanks will be back again

  •   thisjourney  19 days ago

    alycia is the best!

  •   vjohnson04  20 days ago

    She always gives it as it is and very TRUTHFUL.
    She has predicted one thing for me already. I hope this one comes true as well.

  •   Wellditto6  21 days ago

    She was amazing and my god SO ACCURATE!!! Wow, thank you so much, I appreciate you and your time. Everything you said was 100% on the mark and my concerns about the future was picked up 100% I feel so confident to make moves and decisions now. Thank you xxxxx

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