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MsWendy | Oranum

An Authentic and Experienced Tarot Reader dedicated to stimulating the imagination of her clients and gently opening doors of Infinite possibilities. Delivering results by Exploring the depths of your environment through the sacred book of life, known as the Tarot~

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  •   MsWendy  1 day ago

    I have missed you all and will be back on regular sked tomorrow 1/20/17
    Remodelling a home, listing, and been an adventure and now I am focus back on what is important, you all~

  •   MsWendy  2 months ago

    If you simply spend your time seeing what you can get for free you are living in a world of lack and in the illusion that natural law does not apply to everyone.
    I am a professional tarot card reader and healer with over 30 yrs. experience and I enjoy the dedication and discipline it takes to serve clients. A reading with me is steeped with valuable information for navigating life more effectively. Just as the medicine women of the past there is an exchange that takes place, once tobacco and hides were consider fair trade today we have traded in our goods for money. If you are looking for a wealth of wisdom there is an exchange that is driven by law of nature and any attempt to sidestep that is nothing more than a reflection of lack within.
    If you want to receive, you must be willing to give and if you want respect your must be willing to respect.

  •   MsWendy  2 months ago

    Monday the November 14th you wont see the moon like this again until 2034
    Harness the power of the moon and like your crystal bath in her energy....

    The “Beaver Moon” gets its name from a time of year when early colonists and Indian tribes set their beaver traps. More specifically, they needed to set them before the land froze over. During the colonial period, beavers were treasured for their exceptional and warmth-giving furs.

  •   tamjones  2 months ago

    MsWendy is the best !! always a joy to step into her room for some truth !! Amazing reader here on oranum !! 100% worth every penny!!! xo

  •   MsWendy  2 months ago

    You are the amazing one and it is pure joy for me to read for you. Love, Passion, and success is drawn to you because you have done the hard work and prepared a garden worthy of infinite beauty~
    It is so fun to watch your life unfold and expose all the gifts you desire..Ms. Wendy

  •   MsWendy  2 months ago

    Happy Saturn day....

  •   MsWendy  2 months ago

    As the seasons change it reminds of us to take stock of what we hold in escrow for the winter season. What we need to refresh and what we need to bring out of storage.
    This reminds me of the need to check in one's soul. What do you need right now to propel your creations. What is the big picture and are you taking daily actions to deliver the desired results.
    Manifesting is not a game of luck. It is a set intention to create the world you live in. Therefore, if you seek a pay increase...what are doing and what can you do to assure its timely arrival. If you seek meeting the man or woman of your dreams, do you know what they are at the core and are you striving to be a matching vibration to them. If you are looking for simple peace and harmony are you focused on your own inner peace and harmony daily.

    We never radiate what we do not have and we will never reflect or draw to us what is not truly desired. Is it time for a clean slate or do you just need to restock the fridge. We are but a reflection of the content we hold at the core no matter its freshness or lack of it.

  •   MsWendy  2 months ago

    Food for Thought~
    The subject of Money is really Two Subjects...
    1-Plenty of money
    2-Absence of money
    Often people assume that because they are speaking words "I want more money" they are speaking positively about money. When you are feeling fear or discomfort as you speak, you are not speaking of the subject of money; you are speaking of the subject NOT Enough Money
    The difference is very important, because the first subject BRINGS money and the 2nd holds it away~

    Remember your thoughts are the seeds, change your words and you will change your thoughts, change your thoughts you change your beliefs, change your beliefs you change your life~

    Happy Monday, Ms. Wendy

  •   MsWendy  2 months ago

    Being worthy is taking charge of your soul. Feed the soul and know who you are at the core and you will never be dependant on someone else's opinion of who you are.
    Remember if you are full, you will not look for others to fill your tank~

  •   chicagoleo  2 months ago

    As awlays so very wonderful and very truthful I just love MsWendy

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