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PsychicXanda | Oranum

PSYCHIC MEDIUM - NO Name, Date of Birth or Location needed. Isn´t that AMAZING? Legitimate Psychic! HALLELUJAH! A MAGNET for MIRACLES! Readings on: Love, Money, Career, Your Mission in Life, Past Life, Aura and Chakras Healing, Coaching to develop your own Psychic Gifts-learn to read for yourself! Want him or her back? Not sure about their feelings, intentions? Experience Miracles in Real Time!

  • 52
  • Female
  • English, Portuguese

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  •   fun_fundaaz  7 days ago

    She is always always amazing.. the things she picks up are jus brilliant.. like ppls qualities surroundings etc.. I love xanda :)

  •   tatianasmile  22 days ago

    The best of the best. Thank you! T

  •   Martank  24 days ago

    Great read!! Connects extremely well and fast!! A lot of information!!

  •   Khloezen300  1 month ago

    Thank you for your help and time

  •   release123  1 month ago

    Amazing gift!!!! Thank u xo

  •   hopeforhapiness  1 month ago

    very good as always

  •   fun_fundaaz  1 month ago

    She is awesome.. Everytime I read with her she picks up so so accurateltely I cannot say enough.. I mean sure somethings may not happen as we want.. but she can sense things so accurately around u..

  •   hopeforhapiness  1 month ago

    I always come to Xanda for my readings and she truly is the best Psychic I have come across in the world. She gets it right every single prediction. Thank you for being there for me every step of the way. I wish you love

  •   sunshinec  1 month ago

    Xanda is so calm in her prvts I find that very positive , she is a godsend ,.. I appreciate Xanda diving in giving information from, her guides . you are a Blessing Xandu ..xoxoxo

  •   LibraDragon11  1 month ago

    Xandia is wonderful!! She gave me a lot of predictions to look forward to 8) She also predicted the exact same thing's I have heard from other psychics. She has the gift!! I so appreciate you dear and thank you for taking the time to give me such a wonderful detailed reading!! I shall return!! 8)



You've reached the maximum length of this message (140 characters).