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whitestarr | Oranum

I'm EXPERT in love readings, love triangles, Long distance relationship. Marriage, relationship issues, Psychological abuse. Angel & Tarot. More than 3600 readings on Oranum. Looking forward to help you.

  • 49
  • Female
  • English, Croatian, Slovenian, Bosnian, Serbian

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  •   whitestarr  5 days ago

    Sometimes good thing is not going back to you. But you can see you in mirror and in front of god face. And smile cos you doing good. God bless

  •   whitestarr  6 days ago

    Whitestarr picked this nickname because want to bring you happiness, love, luck, light, in your life. I'm special person but you are also.

  •   whitestarr  14 days ago

    Make boxes.1 Past.2 Present. 3 Future. Make order in these boxes. Try it.
    And when you think about person, situation, try to ask yourself in which box it belong :)
    Love and light your whitestar

  •   whitestarr  19 days ago

    Here is daily card for all in general. & of swords. May be is not so secure time. Lot of problems. Or you feel you are really floating under water. But card shows you will come to security just need time . God bless all. Love and light.

  •   whitestarr  20 days ago

    I will be back in 1 pm my Europe time zone. God bless.

  •   tigrese  23 days ago

    Perfectly. Very detailed. I really enjoyed reading. 5 stars. I came without doubt again

  •   LeoRans  23 days ago

    When will you be back? I have missed you.

  •   whitestarr  24 days ago

    You want to learn how to use universe energy. Learn how to open key from universe to take good and positive energy and give to you and others. This energy can keep you calm , can make u stay younger, make you more happy and focus on your wishes come true. Also I can give you energy that you clean yourself from bad energy or spirits around you. And be clear. Feel good in peace. And clearly see things. So you can learn, but also you can get energy if you don't want to learn. You can make appointment and text me here if I'm not online. God bless . Stay in love and light

  •   whitestarr  25 days ago

    Love is a spiritual essence that is constantly and unconditionally present in our hearts and the only thoughts that are based on love are our real thoughts. All other thoughts are just hallucinations.
    Unfortunately, most of our thoughts are mere hallucinations. Not based on love. Mainly based on the opinions of others. They are often the product of desires and expectations that we created another. Sometimes they create with the intention to become better and bigger in the eyes of others, and sometimes represent our attempt to feel secure in a \"dangerous\" and unpredictable world in which we live.

  •   whitestarr  25 days ago

    TAROT reading without lies. FAST, HONEST AND ACCURATE

    -EXPERT personal adviser regarding love problems, life problems, abuse, depression, stress, marriage
    -ANGEL card reading
    -DREAM interpreter
    -RE-IKI master certified
    -Violet flame healing prayer
    -20 year of experiences

    - Are you seeking clarity in your life? Are you feeling confused, upset, unhappy and just needing guidance or help to resolve a pressing problem or relationship issue? I am here to help you and guide you towards resolution.
    - I'm warm, friendly, intuitive, compassionate, a good listener
    - I would never judge you only help you and bring some clarity in to your life
    - I've assisted people in receiving healing emotionally, spiritually, and energetically throughout my life.
    - I am open-minded and non-judgemental
    - I have aided many people over the years and would love to assist you.
    - I use the tarot cards to give you a psychic tarot reading that will be able to provide advice and guidance in all areas of your life
    - I'm widow, 50 years old. I had 24 years of marriage filled with love.
    - Anyone who gets in contact with me his life is improved where it is most needed. The gift I received when I was going to die because I had an accident at age 13. I saw angels, Jesus and the apostles. When I arrived they said I had to go back. it was not yet my time. I have to help people. I'm back among the living. I did not give any great significance until I saw people who were close to me, those who seek help and those who do not seek becoming better and their life has changed for the better.

    - What are the benefits of doing a Reiki Session?

    - Relief of pain of acute conditions (injury, illness) and chronic conditions such as arthritis, chronic migraine, or MS
    - Releasing stress and tension, attaining a sense of calm, comfort, and peace
    - Acceleration of the healing process
    - Obtaining relaxation and restful, rejuvenating sleep
    - Strengthening the immune system
    - Reinforcing and enhancing the effects of other therapies, whether traditional (medications, psychotherapy, etc.) - or non-traditional (meditation, homeopathy, etc.). Reiki complements and enhances the health care that you may be receiving from your doctor or other health care provider
    - Building confidence, transforming negative thoughts and feelings, and gaining a more positive outlook
    - Relieving depression
    - Reducing some of the unpleasant side-effects of medications or chemotherapy
    - Cleansing the body of toxins
    - Reducing the trauma of surgery (less bleeding,less pain, and quicker recovery) (Reiki can be sent to the surgical team, also, to enhance their performance)
    - Overcoming addictions and compulsions, and reducing the discomfort associated with withdrawal
    - Restoring energy, clarity, creativity and vitality
    - Reducing discomforts associated with pregnancy and childbirth (both mother and baby receive the benefits)
    - Healing emotional pain, distress, and sorrow. Helping in the grieving process.
    - Easing symptoms of menopause
    - Minimizing performance anxieties, such as test anxiety, fear of public speaking, anxiety associated with job interviews, auditions, court appearances, or performing any critical tasks at home or in the workplace
    - Dissolving blockages to success, prosperity, love, and joy
    - Improving harmony and promoting healing in difficult interpersonal relationships
    - Bringing harmful patterns of thinking and acting to conscious awareness for healing
    - Bringing to awareness any relationships or situations which are not serving your highest good
    - Reducing anxiety and tension around change in your life (even positive change can cause stress in our lives)
    - Easing the transition for the terminally ill (physically, emotionally, and spiritually)
    - Bringing enlightenment, strengthening our connection to God
    - Support and strength for future tasks or endeavors
    - Opening of the Chakras (or closing the chakras if needed)
    - Transforming and releasing trauma

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