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AccurateAnswers1 | Oranum
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Welcome to my page with Love &+ Light. My name is David Oliveira. I am gifted from the Highest good. The way my gift is works is from God and Jesus and the Angels and others that help direct me while using my works. I call this gift being a LightWorker from the Holy Spirit. I have been doing this ever snice i can remember and i always knew this was my Life purpose. I been reading for 8 years.
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  •   jimparksIII před 2 dny

    great reading will be back

  •   AccurateAnswers1 před 11 dny

    thank you so much candi83, your the best support team on my page <3

  •   candi83 před 11 dny

    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MAN!! He has blown me away 4 times! You want real super accurate answers than david is your man!! He is the real deal!



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