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loveAlice | Oranum
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I am LoveAlice, I am a natural born psychic with healing skills. I do my readings through spirit guides. I really love to provide straight facts and the steps you need personally to help you on your amazing life journey. I have ability to step into situations surrounding you. I can tap into the thoughts, emotions and feelings of others with detailed accuracy. Contact me and get honest readings.
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  •   jess3879 před 4 dny

    very friendly young lady! picked up on energies quickly, hope to have another reading with her soon!

  •   loveAlice před 4 dny

    thanks jess for your kind words
    God bless you

  •   santiagochi před 5 dny

    in a world filled with so much confusion and hatred Alice's room is a place where one can enter n be reminded that love still conquers all

  •   santiagochi před 8 dny

    Love Alice's room is a place everyone should visit. She is kind and caring to all who enter there . She shows the highest respect and her

  •   loveAlice před 8 dny


  •   santiagochi před 9 dny

    Through her emmanates such love and guidance . You path is always better and filled wth new hopes and dreams watin to be filled

  •   loveAlice před 9 dny

    thanks much santia
    many blessings

  •   nzstars před 14 dny

    Go ask Alice ... she is very intuitive, connected and gifted. Her advice is invaluable and insightful. A sweet caring lady with a kind heart. Her gifts are pure. Thank you Alice :) Blessed with white light & love <3

  •   loveAlice před 14 dny

    ty for ur kind feedback
    Allah bless u nz
    lots of blessings n prayers

  •   santiagochi před 17 dny

    she is incredible just did a read and her insight and knowedge took away my fears and gave me hope and a desire to not give up my dreams

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Dosáhli jste maximální délku této zprávy (140 znaků).

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