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Leelahel | Oranum
26 rater
I work on Oranum since it launched in 2011 — Romance & Business Consultation Expert — Fast typing and talking! —Manners required—QUALITY READINGS. My gifts are: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, empathy. I do not need tools to do my work, but I choose to use what is available to me for the reading to meet my quality standards. From time to time spirit guides will chime in with answers.
  • Engelsk, Spansk

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  •   silverfox1211 11 dage siden

    Leela is excellent! She is so attentive and I can't wait until I speak to her again. Best wishes, Leela!

  •   snow86 13 dage siden

    thank you, you cheered me up

  •   joannesad 29 dage siden

    5 stars, very helpful and patience... answer all my questions :)

  •   bluestars25 1 måned siden

    Thank you. You are always so accurate and on point. Great points and fast information. 2 predictions came true and i had to get an update

  •   FireCobra 1 måned siden

    She is so spot on with her readings, if you are thinking of getting a reading pick her.

  •   shyhigh2 1 måned siden

    what a great reader,very kind very fast and very very accurate many thanks for your kindness

  •   walt89 2 måneder siden

    On point thanks :)

  •   Thedude1886 2 måneder siden

    She has been DEAD on with dates, time lines, everything. Very Very impressed. And she's so easy to talk to!!

  •   Eli777 3 måneder siden

    She is very good and precise in her readings! thank you!

  •   Angela2508 3 måneder siden

    Very quick and very good!

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