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RRaymondStar | Oranum
55 rater
I am the best at what I do. God called me to Oranum to help people, who need clarity with things that concern them. I do not have a “specialty”. God has given me the ability to do all.
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  •   mason3735 17 dage siden

    He is amazing...he's a true reader...

  •   Your Support Team 18 dage siden

    Your Support Team ønsker dig Tillykke Med Fødselsdagen!

  •   genfrosch 23 dage siden

    Thank you Raymond I will try this.
    It was good to receive practical/spiritual help for my present circumstances and I shall let you know how it goes.
    I found your guidance very clear and honest. Many thanks,

  •   SerenityRayne 24 dage siden

    If you allow him to be, Raymond is an advisor! He will not only read the situation, but give you a path forward and perspective. He is very grounded in reality, and the reality of spirituality and feeling that we all face in emotional circumstances. If you are feeling anxious, vulnerable, or less than empowered, Raymond is an excellent person to spend time talking to.

  •   dyutibhatt1 1 måned siden

    i really had great time with him. he is very precise.

  •   sue10bm 1 måned siden

    Ray told me that I would get a call in 5 Business days and I did. I got the job. He told me that it would be a high position, but it was originally cast as a lower job..the first thing I was told in the interview is that it had the potential to be a high position...Everything he said came through. This is not the first time Ray said things to me that came through. I only speak to Ray. Thanks Ray!

  •   blessings17349 3 måneder siden

    Such a blessing to me! He is a messenger and has so much light! This is the great energy of the Universe bringing amazing people close to your life! Try it!

  •   dobedobe 3 måneder siden

    truly fascinating and amazing

  •   mlatouche 4 måneder siden

    You have been very, very amazing. Great reading! Clear, precise and to the point. I would recommend him anytime!

  •   summerbreeze888 4 måneder siden

    RaymondStar is a voice from heaven! When you are confused, distressed, and all out of sorts, go seek his advice. He is always right. I cannot say enough about this blessed man and I am forever grateful for his direction in my life.

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