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ladymirabella | Oranum
22 rater
Psychic since birth...predicting from age 5...Master psychic on Oranum since Nov. 2011...over 20,000 helped with accuracy! No tools required...My gifts are spirit channeler, clairvoyant, intuitive, empath, telepath and spiritual healer. I give past, present and future insight with time frames. I don't answer questions or give cards in Free Chat, so Join me in Private Chat for that!
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  •   Julia4RA 6 dage siden

    Amazing person! I LOVE her insights and she's given me timeframes literally. She's really voiced out everything I sensed myself and has been able to give me accurate insights, that I'm not surprised about.

  •   DakedoBaby 8 dage siden

    Another insightful reading... Love talking to her.

  •   Stargirl14 20 dage siden

    Wow!! love her readings!

  •   determinedsoul 2 måneder siden


  •   lisamaria2 2 måneder siden

    Very good reading. Very quick and didnt need to ask me alot of questions with the time provided. Very good insight!! Very pleased with my reading.

  •   LightndSoulGirl 2 måneder siden

    So sweet and so well connected. I will surely be back once im able to add more time

  •   rose423 2 måneder siden

    Always very nice and helpful

  •   DakedoBaby 3 måneder siden

    She's WONDERFUL!!! Great reading and great advice!!!

  •   gentlebay 3 måneder siden

    excellent reader . very accurate and informative. right on the spot.and realistic

  •   moonstonelady 3 måneder siden

    Mirabella connects with me fast and she lifts my spirit up. I am so looking forward to the futures.. 2018 is a big year for me and I am very happy. Thank you, I am so happy and uplifted. Finally things are falling into right places. thank you for giving those clarity. !

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