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marina5 | Oranum
34 rater
I believe in being compassionate and honest in my readings. I'm clairvoyant, a medium, a channeler, empathic, intuitve, & reiki healer. In private readings I connect with your energy. My foundation is God. I'm truly blessed and guided. I love having fun in free chat. I get to know each and everyone of you. I enjoy giving guidance, answering questions on general topics especially Twin Flames.
  • Engelsk, Spansk

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  •   icecream1981 18 dage siden

    the best and honest . no sugar coating

  •   lovekitty1981 22 dage siden

    honest and accurate

  •   miamay 3 måneder siden

    wonderful . she's able to connect immediately and tell me about the other's feelings and some future events.

  •   garace123 3 måneder siden

    Thank you so much. It was such a pleasure reading with you tonight. You have a true gift. Thank you!

  •   janicecat85 3 måneder siden

    Excellent reading; will be back for a follow-up session soon.

  •   joyful7 4 måneder siden

    Marina is an amazing reader - a very clear channel!

  •   janicecat85 4 måneder siden

    Another excellent reading; will be back for a follow-up!

  •   Lstubb 4 måneder siden

    I had a very good reading with her and she told me about some family that has passed. It was a great reading made me cry and smile and it was crazy she told me some of them are my angels. I have missed some of them so much and for her to pick up on them was so awesome!! Talk to her if you want to connect with someone who has passed. It gave me a wonderful feeling. Thank You So Much

  •   joyful7 5 måneder siden

    Marina is so wonderful - clear, light-filled and with a great sense of humor!

  •   janicecat85 5 måneder siden

    Excellent reading once again; will be back for a follow-up soon!

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