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josephinebloom | Oranum
63 rater
I am natural born psychic, professional card reader and fortune teller, 4-th generation in my family. I read Lenormand and Tarot for over 35 years now. I speak only the truth of the cards, don`t like sugarcoating. I consider FUTURE IS FLUID and continuously moving and changing according to our own decisions and choices we make. Choosing wiser makes a better future. I offer guidance.
  • Engelsk, Rumænsk

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  •   Genan123456789 5 dage siden

    I Have taken her in for some privates and ever since i taken her some seem right and some not I thought she was really good cards.

  •   faith1122 23 dage siden

    Jo has always been right on point and kind.. I am grateful to have her as an advisor

  •   Genan123456789 28 dage siden

    I took her to private thought she was right... after 2 days total different answers.

  •   Genan123456789 1 måned siden

    Hello, Are you getting back on later because I would like to take you to private......

  •   truelove4us 2 måneder siden

    she will be the only person I read with!

  •   josephinebloom 2 måneder siden

    Hello, everybody! Good news: only 2.99/ min sale the next couple of hours! Whatever questions you may have, I am here to get clarity for you so that you can make the best choices for your life! Love and light, Josephine

  •   lovebluetoo 3 måneder siden

    yeah when u gonna be on again ???

  •   truelove4us 4 måneder siden

    Jo is the only person ill read with on uranium

  •   josephinebloom 5 måneder siden

    Happy Valentine`s Day, my dear friends! HAPPY SPECIAL SALE, 2.99/ MIN ! Get this opportunity and join me for a private to get all the answers you`ve been looking for! Love and light, Josephine

  •   debbiee222 5 måneder siden

    I love you Josephine! you're the best !!
    she's a true, honest reader.

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