Politik for privatlivets fred

Politik for privatlivets fred

Sidst ændret: Juli 22, 2021


When you decide to register on Oranum and use our services, we will collect some of your personal data.

Please be assured that we are fully dedicated to the protection of your personal data.

We operate our site and our services in compliance with applicable data protection laws, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR“) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA“). For more information, please see Section 7 “YOUR RIGHTS UNDER GDPR“. If you are a California resident, please also see Section 8 “INFORMATION FOR CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS.“

Your privacy is important to us. We provide you with this Privacy Policy, so that you can make informed choices about the use of your data. This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, share, and store the personal data of visitors to our site (“Guests“) and individuals who register as members (“Members“). Please note that this Privacy Policy only applies to the personal data of Guests and Members. Personal data of broadcasters (“Broadcasters“) is governed by a separate Privacy Policy.

As used in this Privacy Policy, the term “personal data“ means information that identifies, relates to, describes, is reasonably capable of being associated with, or could reasonably be linked, directly or indirectly, with a particular individual or household. For example, under CCPA Personal Data includes identifiers such as your real name, alias, or postal address; commercial information, including records of products or services purchased; Internet or other electronic network activity information, including, but not limited to, browsing history, and search history; and audio or video recordings. CCPA § 1798.140(o)(1).

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully. This Privacy Policy forms a part of and is incorporated into the Oranum Terms and Conditions. By using the Oranum website or any of our services you agree that the Terms and Conditions, including this Privacy Policy, forms a binding legal contract with you.

You can contact us if you have any questions about our privacy practices or about what we are doing with your personal data. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

Hvem bestemmer "hvordan" og "hvorfor" dine persondata behandles?

Følgende virksomheder, der bestemmer hvorfor og hvordan dine persondata og generelle forordning om databeskyttelse behandles, er "Fælles Kontroludøvere":

JWS Americas S.à r.l.

44, Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855 LuxembourgGrand Duchy of LuxembourgRegistreret i Luxembourgs handels- og selskabsregister under nummeret: B 249539.

JWS International S.à r.l.

44, Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855 LuxembourgGrand Duchy of LuxembourgRegistreret i Luxembourgs handels- og selskabsregister under nummeret: B 249539.

JWS Americas S.à r.l. and JWS International S.à r.l. jointly determine the purposes and means of the processing of your personal data. Both entities collaborate in joint processing activities related to the purposes mentioned in this Privacy Policy. We have put in place a joint controllership agreement (according to article 26 GDPR) in order to determine the respective roles and responsibilities of the Joint Controllers, in particular, as regards the exercise of data subjects’ rights and the duties to provide information. You can notably contact us through a single contact point as mentioned in section 10 of this Privacy Policy.

Vær opmærksom på, at du fri til at udøve dine rettigheder uafhængigt af denne ordning (som beskrevet i Fortrolighedspolitikken) med hensyn til og over for de fælles kontroludøvere. Du har også ret til at kontakte os og anmode om information omkring, hvordan ansvaret fordeles mellem de to virksomheder.

Hvilke persondata behandler vi?

Vi indsamler, bruger, deler, overfører og gemmer forskellige typer af dine persondata som et resultat af dit besøg og/eller brug af vores tjenester på vores websted.

The personal data we collect includes the following:

  1. Persondata du opgiver

    1. Account Information
      Når du opretter en konto på vores websted, kræver vi vigtige detaljer, herunder:
      • en e-mailadresse
      • et brugernavn
      • en adgangskode
    2. Faktureringssupport & kundesupport
      Vi indsamler alt information, du vælger at dele med vores faktureringssupport teams, såsom:
      • din personlige e-mail
      • the services, the Expert or username associated with your request
      • your comments or opinions about an Expert
      • dine samtaler med Kundeservice

      Mere generelt, når du kommunikerer med os på anden måde, indsamler vi alle de oplysninger, du vælger at opgive.

    3. Purchasing Coins

      When you purchase coins to participate on our site, depending on the payment method you choose, we may collect and process your identification information (full name, country, ZIP code) and payment information. As regards your payment information, note that we only store the last four digits of your payment card number and the expiration year/month.

  2. Personal Information from Site Use

    Vi indsamler og behandler visse oplysninger om dig, når du bruger vores tjenester og vores websted.

    Dette betyder, at når du besøger vores websted eller bruger vores tjenster, selv når du ikke har en bruger eller er logget ind, vil vi indsamle visse informationer, herunder:

    1. Oplysninger om brug
      We collect information about your activity on our site and about how you interact with features on our site. If you are a Member, we may link this information to your personal identity (e.g. for fraud detection purposes). The data we collect includes:
      • Activity history
      • Special features used, e.g.,
        • Rated a Broadcaster
        • Added a Broadcaster to your favorites
        • Video/Voice Call with a Broadcaster
      We collect information about your conversations with Broadcasters, including:
      • Broadcaster screen name
      • Time and date of communication
      • Method of communication (e.g. Messenger etc.)
    2. Informationsindhold

      For technical purposes, to prevent violation of our Terms & Conditions and to defend against complaints and legal claims, we store on our system the chat logs and may review them.

      In case you turn on your camera or microphone in private chat, we never record or keep in any way your camera feed or audio. We also do not allow Broadcasters to record or capture your camera or audio feeds during private shows. Such action is prohibited on our site.

      Please note that when you are using Video/Voice Call to contact offline Broadcasters, your conversation is not recorded or stored in any circumstances. Please be advised that we are not responsible for your experience or the content of these private calls.

    3. Log Data & Device Information
      We automatically collect log data and information from/about your computer, phone or other device you use to access our services/site, including:
      • IP-adresse
      • Date and time you logged in
      • viste sider
      • Tjenester brugt
      • Hardware / Software / Internet browser used
      • operativsystem / applikationsversion brugt
      • Cookies / other technologies that may uniquely identify your device / browser
      Hvis du bruger en mobilenhed, indsamler vi muligvis også:
      • data, der identificerer din mobile enhed
      • enhedsspecifikke indstillinger og egenskaber
      • lokation
      • app nedbrud og anden systemaktivitet
    4. Cookies / Andre Teknologier

      Ligesom mange andre hjemmesider og applikationer bruger vi cookies og andre teknologier (f.eks. Web beacons og weblagring) til at indsamle oplysninger om din enhed og din aktivitet, som f.eks. din webbrowser, browseroplysninger, operativsystem, IP-adresse, sider, du besøger, eller de funktioner, du har brugt.

      Vi vil bede om dit samtykke for cookies, som ikke anses for at være nødvendige for at bruge hjemmesiden, før vi placerer dem på din enhed (dvs. bannere, der blev vist på din enhed, da du for første gang besøgte vores hjemmeside). Men husk at blokering af cookies kan påvirke din oplevelse af vores hjemmeside negativt.

      For at lære mere om, hvordan vi bruger cookies og dine valg, se venligst vores Cookies Politik

      Pixels. Third parties, including Facebook, may use cookies, web beacons, and other storage technologies to collect or receive information over time from our websites and across different online services and use that information to provide measurement services and target ads. You can opt-out of the collection and use of information for ad targeting by updating your Facebook account ad settings or by visiting and where you can manage your preferences. For more information on our use of these technologies, see our Cookie Policy.

  3. Data Collected by Third Parties

    The following are situations where your personal data has been collected by a third party:

    1. broadcasterer

      When discussing with our Billing Support and Customer Support teams, a Broadcaster may provide some information about you, which will be collected.

    2. External Partners' Ad Networks

      Partner ad networks help us to promote our site. They may collect information about your interactions with our ads on our behalf.

    3. Internal Partner Ad Network

      Our group manage an ad network and promotional tools/programs. Third parties affiliated partners may contact us with information about your interactions with our ads and promotional tools published/used on their sites or affiliated sites (i.e. sites with partial or full reproduction of our primary site).

  4. Offentlige Persondata

    Vi indsamler kun offentligt tilgængelige oplysninger om dig, når det er nødvendigt for at forhindre svig og ulovlige aktiviteter på vores websted (f.eks. når vi har mistanke om, at du bruger et falskt eller stjålet kreditkort, når vi er vidne til tilfælde af misbrug af børn, pædofil adfærd osv.).

    Disse data kan omfatte offentligt tilgængelige oplysninger, som du deler på sociale medier, såsom Facebook, din blog og/eller hjemmeside samt andre offentlige data, der er tilgængelige på internettet.

    This information is always associated or combined with the data we collect through our site to finalize our investigation before reporting any fraud and/or illegal activity to the authorities. We never use publicly available data for any other purpose.

  5. Data af en bestemt kategori

    This means data of a sensitive nature, the exposure of which would significantly impact your fundamental rights and freedoms; for example, it could be used against you for unlawful discrimination (e.g., your philosophical or religious interests/beliefs).

    When you use our site and purchase services (e.g., live cam, private chat, buy a Broadcaster surprises, etc.), we process and store sensitive information related to your activity (e.g., the Broadcaster category, the content unlocked, etc.) in order to provide you with the services you requested.

    Due to the explicit meaning of each category name (e.g. Chinese astrology, reiki, clairvoyance, angel communication, etc…), as well as the types of Broadcasters you request services from, it is possible, although not certain, that the chosen categories indicate your philosophical or religious beliefs.

    You may revoke your consent regarding this processing by contacting the Support Team as indicated in Section 10 “HOW TO CONTACT US?“. However, please note that such revocation means that you will not be able to log into your account and use the services, as we will not be able to provide you with the services without processing such information.

    We understand that the information we have about you may not explicitly reflect the reality of your life outside of the site. Your online preferences may only show a punctual interest. In order to provide you with the utmost level of data protection, we categorize such type of data as sensitive, which is highly protected and handled with the utmost care.

    Because your online philosophical or religious interests and other data related to them are essential aspects of privacy, we are maintaining very high technology security standards. We are regularly proceeding with controls and assessments of our security measures, to guarantee a trustworthy environment.

Hvorfor behandler vi din persondata?

We use the information we collect for the following purposes:

  1. Aktivering af konto

    1. Basic information

      We primarily use the data you give us when creating your online account to open and manage this account. The account then allows you to use features, buy coins and benefit from and paid services.

      Your account will also allow you to exercise control over your personal data. Through your account, you can manage your purchases, benefit from special offers, and manage your account settings.

      We process this information to perform the contract that we have with you and provide you with the services you request. If you fail to provide the minimum details required, we will not be able to create your account and allow you to use our services.

  2. Improve and promote our services

    To understand how we can improve our services and find better ways to promote our services to others, we collect your personal data for the following purposes:
    1. Analytics & Statistics

      We use the information you provide us with and that we collect ourselves to detect general trends regarding the preferences/habits of our users. This helps us to generate statistical reports on our customers' activity including those based on country and purchases. The information in these reports is in aggregate form and cannot be used to identify individuals.

    2. Improvements

      We use your data for testing, troubleshooting and improving the functionality and quality of our online entertainment services. Our main goal is to optimize our site and services, making them easier and more enjoyable to use.

      We also use your log data to provide search functionality and display the results of your search. In order to make our services useful, the rank and the relevance of the results obtained may be improved based on attributes we determined (e.g. the newest content published by Broadcasters, the live status of Broadcasters).

    3. Promotion

      As mentioned in Section 2.3 , we have external partners who help us to promote our sites.

      We process this information with the legitimate interest of developing and improving our site and users' experience, as well as promoting our site and services.

      When we use cookies or similar technologies for the same purpose (i.e. product enhancement/improvement/promotion), we rely on your consent to the use of cookies, including third party cookies.

      To learn more about how we use cookies, and your choices, please check out our Cookie Policy.

  3. Customer Relationship Management

    Styring af kundeforhold er nøglen til enhver service og er inkluderet i dette udtryk af enhver kontakt, vi har indgået med dig. Følgende er tilfælde, hvor vi indsamler og behandler dine persondata:
    • Customer Support & Billing Support

      Customer Support and Billing Support operates 24/7. By sharing your personal data with our Customer Support and Billing Support teams, we will be able to provide you with your answers, and any help you may require, more efficiently.

      All your communications with the teams and any information you provide, including comments about our Broadcasters, are stored and reviewed so that we may respond to your request. This way we can ensure the full compliance of all users with our Terms & Conditions.

      Nogle af de bogførte kommunikationer, vi har haft med dig, vil blive brugt til træningsformål inden for kundesupport- og faktureringssupport team, så vi kan yde en fremragende kundeservice.

      Vær opmærksom på, at vores kundesupport- og faktureringssupport team får adgang til alle oplysninger, der er indsamlet om dig. Ved at have denne adgang sikrer vi, at vores kundesupport- og faktureringsteams har alt, hvad de har brug for, for at yde en god kundeservice.

      Bemærk, at kundesupport og faktureringssupport vil bruge forskellige måder at kontakte dig inklusiv e-mail og telefon, alt efter hvad der er relevant.

    • General exchanges

      Please note that we may contact you through emails or other appropriate means, to inform you of any changes regarding our site or announcements relating to your subscription (e.g., successful account creation).

      We have a legitimate interest in improving our users' experience and delivering appropriate customer services to you.

  4. Betaling

    Vi bruger dine identifikationsdata og betalingsoplysninger til at behandle transaktioner. Dette afhænger af, hvilken betalingsmetode du vælger, men er tilfældet for de fleste metoder.

    Please note that depending on the payment method you choose, your payment will be processed by affiliates of our group or third party payment processors/service providers as explained in section 6.5 “Payment providers and financial institutions".

    Brugen af dine persondata er strengt nødvendigt i dette tilfælde for at udføre betalinger og give dig de kreditter eller tjenester, du har købt (dvs. for at udføre den kontrakt, vi har indgået med dig).

  5. Sikre et trygt og tillidsfuldt miljø

    For at beskytte dig og vores forretning bruger vi dine persondata på følgende måder:
    • At opdage og forhindre svig/ulovlige aktiviteter.
    • At opdage potentielle overtrædelser af vores vilkår og betingelser og andre relevante regler
    • Til sikkerhed og risikovurdering (f.eks. godkendelse og verificering af identitet)

    Vi har en legitim interesse i at holde dig og vores forretning sikker og forsikre overholdelse af T&C'er/regler, som forsøger at garantere dette.

  6. Marketings- / informationsmeddelelser

    Generelt, når du tilmelder dig på vores websteder, sender vi dig informative meddelelser og markedsføring for at holde dig ajour med frigivelsen af ​​nye funktioner og/eller tjenester, særlige kampagner, tilbud osv. ...

    To evaluate the success of our marketing initiatives, we may pseudonymize your email address and use it to generate statistics. These would be in the form of aggregated data, not personal information (e.g., number of users per country who receive marketing communications).

    Your email will be further used to send survey participation requests, so that we learn more about your experience and satisfaction or suggestions for improvements to our service.

    We have a legitimate interest in keeping you informed and in the outcome of our marketing campaigns. You can, of course, unsubscribe from receiving our marketing and informative emails at any time, using a link contained within the emails themselves. You can also opt-out contacting the Support Team as indicated in Section 10 “HOW TO CONTACT US?“. However, this may mean that you miss out on special offers and information regarding new services.

  7. Comply with any legal requirements and enforce our legal rights

    Vi kan stole på en juridisk forpligtelse til at behandle dine persondata. For eksempel skal vi opbevare dine transaktionsoplysninger for at føre juridisk krævede regnskabsoptegnelser.

    We may also use your information to respond to requests from competent authorities or given our legitimate interest to establish, exercise or defend legal claims. If necessary, we would use your data to investigate issues with the relevant bank processing your payment, or with a debt collector, in cases of unpaid transactions, chargebacks or refunds.

    We may also combine your data with information lawfully obtained from other third-party sources, for the above purposes.

How do We Protect Your Personal Data?

We implement various security measures, technical and organizational, to ensure the protection of your personal data against unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or deletion.

We periodically test our IT systems, conduct penetration tests and implement data loss prevention systems against leakage, theft and data breach.

Our site incorporates reasonable security technologies in order to ensure the safety of its users and the safekeeping of their related information.


We do not normally retain personal data of Guests for more than ten to fifteen days, though this period is typically shorter (depending on traffic volume). Any information collected to verify your identity in connection with a request (e.g., a request to access your data) will only be kept for a short time, typically no more than five days. Otherwise, we will retain your personal data for as long as we consider it necessary:

  1. Provision of Services

    For at gøre det muligt for os at give dig vores tjenester, og for dig at bruge dem, inklusiv vedligeholdelse af din medlemskonto.

  2. Legal Obligation Compliance

    For example, we may keep some of your information for tax, legal reporting and auditing obligations. Please note that in accordance with Luxembourg legislation, financial information will be kept for a minimum period of 10 years (even though shorter retention periods may apply as the case may be).

  3. Legitimate Interests and Business Conduct


    • Etablering, udøvelse eller forsvarelse af juridiske krav
    • Chargeback prevention:

      Vi opbevarer din chatlog og logdata, enheds- og brugsoplysninger i en periode på maximum 120 dage fra dit seneste køb på webstedet.

    • Fraud/illegal activity detection and prevention:

      Vi blacklister alle tidligere brugernavne i en bestemt periode. Disse brugernavne vil derfor ikke være tilgængelige for nye registreringer i løbet af dette tidsrum.

    • Enhancing safety:

      For eksempel, hvis vi suspenderer eller lukker din konto på grund af svig eller ulovlige aktiviteter, kan vi beholde visse oplysninger om dig for at forhindre dig i at åbne en ny konto i fremtiden. Sådanne oplysninger holdes også tilgængelige i tilfælde af igangværende retssager og/eller efterforskninger.

  4. Security

    Som sagt, er beskyttelsen af ​​dine oplysninger, samt beskyttelse mod utilsigtet eller ondsindet tab og destruktion af vores websted, vores højeste prioritet.

    Restkopier af nogle af dine personlige oplysninger opbevares på vores backup-systemer i 30 dage.

    Some anonymized copies of your information (e.g. log records) may also remain in our database.

    If you have a question about any specific retention periods of certain personal data, please contact us via the contact details provided in Section 10 “HOW TO CONTACT US?

Hvem deler vi dine data med?

  1. broadcasterer

    Your account with us secures your ability to benefit from and purchase services from the Broadcasters.

    The following information about you is automatically available to Broadcasters with whom you interact:

    • Your username: Broadcasters will be able to reach you out by searching your username
    • If they are one of your favorites: Broadcasters will be able to see a special icon and your username in their account, if you added them in your list of favorites
    • If you sent them a surprise
    • Coins you spent on them (every Broadcaster will be able to see the coins you spent on them, not on other Broadcasters)
    • Additional information:

      You can choose to share other information about yourself with the Broadcasters (e.g., gender, age, location, interests, etc.). You may also connect your camera in private chat to visually communicate with the Broadcaster or simply turn on your microphone. As a reminder, the Broadcaster is not allowed to record the video or voice data you provide.

    • Video/Audio in Private Chat:

      Please note that no one can access your video feed or audio feed should you decide to turn on your camera or microphone during private chat (see clause 2.2: “Content Information“).

    • Video/Audio Offline Calls:

      As a reminder, your communication is this instance is completely private. Please note that no one can access your video feed or audio feed should you decide to turn on your camera or microphone during private chat.

    • Voluntary Sharing:

      If you decide to share additional content with the Broadcasters (e.g. pictures), please note that you are fully responsible for the sharing of such information and we cannot be held responsible for any disclosure that you freely made.

  2. Other Users & the Public

    1. Kommentarer

      If you post comments on a Broadcaster's Live content, other users will see them.

      Please be aware that your comments might be seen by other Members watching the Live session.

      As well, please be assured that, if you decide to send a private message to the Broadcaster, other users of our site will not be able to access any information about you from the moment you enter into private chat but it will be visible only to him/her.

  3. Entities of Our Company's Group

    We share your personal information with the following companies of our group based in Luxembourg, Hungary and the US, as the case may be, as they are helping us to deliver our services to you:

    • Jasmin Holding SA, 44, Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855, Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
    • Docler Services S.à r.l., 44, Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855, Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
    • Docler IP S.A., 44, Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855, Luxembourg, Storhertugdømmet Luxembourg;
    • Jasmin SSC Kft, Expo tér 5-7, H-1101, Budapest, Hungary;
    • Jasmin IP S.à r.l. Hungary Branch, Expo tér 5-7, H-1101, Budapest, Hungary;
    • Docler Services Kft, Expo tér 5-7, H-1101, Budapest, Ungarn;
    • Docler LA LLC, 10811 Washington Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232, USA;
    • Escalion S.à r.l., 44, Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855, Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg;
    • Duodecad IT Services S.à r.l., 44, Avenue John F. Kennedy, L-1855, Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.
  4. Serviceudbyder

    We use carefully selected and trusted third parties, who act as service providers/processors to our site.

    We ensure that they are bound by contractual obligations to process information we share with them in accordance with our instructions, this Privacy Policy, and all applicable data protection laws.

    As we constantly work on the development and enhancement of the technology to support our site, our third-party processors may regularly change.

    Such entities mainly operate in the following areas:

    • Business intelligence and analytics
    • Marketing & sales
    • Kundeservice
    • Forebyggelse af svig
  5. Payment Providers & Financial Institutions

    When you purchase coins, depending on your choice of payment method, a third-party bank or a payment processor may process your payment. If this is the case, you may need to share personal data with them in order to complete the transaction.

    Du kan modtage transaktionsemails fra denne part, der bekræfter ordren, herunder afsendelse, mulige refusioner og opfølgningsinvitationer til at give feedback for denne Party.

    This Privacy Policy does not govern the processing of your personal information by these third parties if it was shared directly with them.

    1. Kredit-/Betalingskort

      If you choose to pay by credit/debit card, your transaction will be handled by Escalion S.à r.l. which is one of our affiliated companies located in Luxembourg (see Section 6.3, “Entities of Our Company's Group“). You can find its privacy policy here.

    2. Tilbagebetaling

      If you, or the credit card holder, request a chargeback, in certain circumstances we have to share some information about you and your use of our services with the processing bank, financial institution, payment processor, the credit card holder or any relevant third party.

    3. Fraud Detection & Prevention

      We may share information with relevant financial institutions if we consider it strictly necessary for fraud detection and prevention purposes.

  6. Law Enforcement Agencies & Governmental Authorities

    To the extent permitted by applicable laws, we may also share information with law enforcement agencies or authorities, if such disclosure is reasonably necessary for the following:

    • For at overholde vores juridiske forpligtelser
    • Respond to information requests for fraud investigations and other alleged illegal activities
    • Enforce and administer our terms and conditions
    • Protect our rights and defend ourselves against any claims
  7. Virksomhedsoverførsler

    Your information may be transferred to another entity of our group (i.e. as a result of reorganization, restructuring, etc.) or third party (i.e. as a result of sale, merger and/or acquisition, etc.) if part (more than 50%) or whole of the business (or related assets) is either directly or indirectly transferred or falling under the control of the new owner.

    Dette vil være tilfældet, forudsat af at den nye ejer opererer i samme eller lignende branche som vores og forpligter sig til at overholde denne Fortrolighedspolitik.

Dine GDPR-rettigheder

  1. Oplysninger om overførsel af dine persondata uden for det økonomiske område i Europa?

    As we are a Luxembourg based company, we comply with the EU Data Protection Regulation, “GDPR“. Regardless of whether you are located in Europe or elsewhere, our own location in Europe requires us to comply with GDPR. You can read the entire Regulation here.

    During the course of operation and exploitation of the site and provision of services, your personal information may be transferred outside of the European Economic Area (“EEA“) to third party data processors, located in the United States and other countries, for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

    If we transfer your personal data outside of the EEA, we endeavor to ensure that your rights and freedoms in respect of the processing of your personal data are adequately and appropriately protected. For this purpose, we utilize the Standard Contractual Clauses approved by the European Commission that you can find here.

  2. Hvad er dine rettigheder vedrørende dine personlige data?

    Vores supportteam vil give dig oplysninger om handlinger, der er udført inden for en måned efter dagen for modtagelse af din anmodning. Kun under ekstraordinære omstændigheder, når vi står over for komplekse og et stort antal anmodninger, kan vi forlænge denne svarperiode op til yderligere to måneder.

    Bemærk, at rettigheder kan udøves gratis. Ubegrundede eller overdreven anmodninger, især på grund af deres gentagne karakter, fører imidlertid til betaling af et gebyr.

    Fordi dit privatliv er så vigtigt for os, kan vores supportteam muligvis behørigt bekræfte din identitet og bede dig om at give yderligere oplysninger, inden du udfører din anmodning.

    1. Data Access

      You have the right to access the personal data we hold about you. You can request a copy of your personal data, free of charge. To exercise this right, you can send an email to

      Efter bekræftelse af din identitet sendes din anmodning til vores supportteam.

      Hvis vi mener, at din anmodning er ubegrundet eller overdreven (f.eks. på grund af flere anmodninger i en kort periode), kan vi nægte at handle eller opkræve et rimeligt gebyr under hensyntagen til de administrative omkostninger, der er ved at give dig oplysningerne.

    2. Data Portability

      Please note that the following is separate from the right to access your data.

      In certain cases, you are entitled to request copies of your personal information in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format and/or request us to transmit this information to another service provider (where technically feasible).

      For clarification, only the following information can be made available:

      • The data actively and knowingly provided by you (e.g., e-mail address, username, etc.)
      • The observed data provided by you by virtue of the use of the service or the device (e.g., your search history, traffic data and location data).

      To exercise this right, you can send an email to

    3. Rettelse af unøjagtige eller ufuldstændige data

      Du har ret til at anmode om, at vi korrigerer unøjagtigheder i dine personlige data.

      For this purpose, you can contact our Customer Support or send an email to

    4. Sletning af data

      If you no longer want us to use your personal data, you can request that we erase it and close your account. Requests for account cancellation or closure will be considered as a request for the erasure of your personal data. To exercise this right, you can send an email to

      Your request will then be sent to our Support Team who will contact you. However, if you face any difficulties, please contact us at any time.

      For avoidance of a doubt, when the erasure process starts (notably upon a successful verification of your identity as the owner of the account), you will no longer be able to log in to our site (

      Hvis din konto desuden er inaktiv i mere end et (1) år, har vi ret til at opsige din konto og fortsætte med sletningen af ​​dine data i overensstemmelse med vores vilkår og betingelser.

      Please note that even if you request the erasure of your personal information, we will retain some of it for as long as we consider it necessary for compliance with our legal obligations or other legitimate interests as explained above in Section 5. “HOW LONG DO WE RETAIN YOUR PERSONAL DATA?“.

    5. Ret til indsigelse

      We process your data for a variety of reasons (see Section 3: “WHY DO WE PROCESS YOUR PERSONAL DATA?“).

      Applicable law may entitle you to require us not to process your personal information for certain specific purposes where such processing is based on a legitimate interest. If you object to such processing, we will stop processing your personal data for those purposes.

      In specific situations, we may have to refuse the execution of your request. This would only be in the cases where we have legitimate grounds to continue such processing or if we have to establish, exercise or defend legal claims.

      Please keep in mind that objecting to certain uses of your data may disable the use of your account.

      Please also remember that you may unsubscribe from receiving our marketing and informative emails at any time, using a link contained within the emails themselves. You can also opt-out contacting the Support Team as indicated in Section 10 “HOW TO CONTACT US?“.

    6. Ret til begrænsning af behandlingen

      You have the right to request that we stop processing your data, while we resolve any issues.

      Dette er kun muligt i følgende fire tilfælde:

      1. Accuracy

        If you contest the accuracy of your personal data, processing would be stopped while we verify your claim.

      2. Legitimate Interest

        If you object to a processing activity based on a legitimate interest, you can require the processing operation to be put on hold while we verify your grounds for objection.

      3. Unlawful Processing

        You can request the restriction of data processing if you consider your data is being processed unlawfully, but do not wish for your data to be immediately erased.

      4. Data Storage

        You can request us to store your data, if you require it to establish, exercise or defend any legal claims, and we have no further need of it.

        Despite your request, we may continue to process your data, if we have to establish, exercise or defend legal claims. We will notify you before lifting any restriction.

    7. Right to Lodge a Complaint with a Supervisory Authority**

      If you consider that our processing of your personal data infringes the GDPR or any other applicable national laws, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant supervisory authority (i.e. your local authority or the CNPD).

Information til beboere i Californien

Hvis du er bosiddende i Californien, har du følgende særlige rettigheder i henhold til Californiens forbrugerbeskyttelseslov ("CCPA") ud over alle andre rettigheder, der er beskrevet i denne privatlivspolitik.

Bemærk, at vi ikke "sælger" dine persondata, da dette udtryk er defineret i CCPA.

  1. Din ret til at “Vide” og Anmode om sletning

    Du har ret til at vide, hvilke kategorier og specifikke personoplysninger vi har indsamlet om dig. Du har ret til at vide kategorier af kilder, hvorfra persondata er indsamlet, det forretningsmæssige eller kommercielle formål med indsamling eller salg af personoplysninger, og de kategorier af tredjepart, som vi deler persondata med.

    You also have the right to request deletion of personal data we've collected or maintain. Please note this right is subject to certain exceptions, including without limitation our retaining information as necessary to protect against malicious, deceptive, fraudulent, or illegal activity, to comply with our legal obligations, and for other internal purposes.

    To exercise these rights contact us as provided in Section 10 “HOW TO CONTACT US?“ below. Please note that any requested disclosures in connection with a request to know will only apply to the 12-month period preceding the request, and you are entitled to request disclosure twice in any 12-month period. You may also ask for your data to be provided or exercise your right to delete by deleting your account.

  2. Offentliggjort Personoplysninger

    You also have the right to know what categories of personal data we've disclosed for a business purpose, and the third parties to whom that information was disclosed.

    In the past 12 months, we've disclosed for a business purpose and for different products the following categories of information to the following parties: Usage/device information (including, without limitation, your IP address, as the case may be) to our business intelligence and analytics service providers (e.g., Hotjar, Google Analytics); Payment/transaction data to our customer/payment service providers; Contact information, device/usage information (including, without limitation, your IP address and the website you are coming from, as the case may), information relating to the purchase made (excluding any data relating to your mean of payment, such as credit card information) and information as regards your interactions with the emails we sent to our marketing and sales partners (e.g. Emarsys, marketing partners promoting our site); and identification information, contact information, device and usage information, payment information (as the case may be) to our antifraud service providers and auditing service providers.

  3. Din ret til ikke-forskelsbehandling

    Du har ret til ikke at modtage diskriminerende behandling for udøvelse af de personlige rettigheder, der er tillagt af CCPA, herunder, men ikke begrænset til, ved at nægte dig tjenester, opkræve forskellige rater eller priser eller give dig et andet niveau eller kvalitet af tjenester. Bemærk dog, at udøvelsen af ​​nogle af dine rettigheder (f.eks. at slette dine data) kan gøre det umuligt for os at fortsætte med at levere tjenester til dig.

  4. Din ret til at have en autoriseret agent

    You have the right to designate an authorized agent to make a request under the CCPA on your behalf. To designate an authorized agent, please contact us as provided in Section 10 “HOW TO CONTACT US?“ below. In order to verify you have authorized an agent we may require a signed, written authorization from you.

  5. Spor ikke

    Nogle browsere har en "spor ikke"-funktion, der giver dig mulighed for at fortælle websteder, du ikke vil have dine online aktiviteter sporet. Da disse funktioner endnu ikke er ensartede, reagerer vi ikke i øjeblikket på "spor ikke" -signaler. Vi vil dog behandle alle "sælg ikke" eller lignende signaler som opt-out-anmodninger under CCPA.

Ændringer i vores privatlivspolitik

Vi kan lejlighedsvist ændre denne fortrolighedspolitik for at afspejle ændringer i vores tjenester og den måde, vi håndterer dine persondata eller ændringer i de gældende love.

Hvis vi foretager vigtige ændringer, giver vi dig besked ved at placere en meddelelse på det relevante websted og/eller kontakte dig direkte ved hjælp af andre metoder, såsom e-mail.

I det omfang, det er tilladt i henhold til gældende lov, vil sådanne ændringer være gældende fra det tidspunkt, de offentliggøres på vores websted, medmindre vi angiver en dato for ikrafttrædelse. Din fortsatte brug af vores websted fra den dag af vil være underlagt den nye fortrolighedspolitik.

Hvordan kontaktes vi?

if you have any comments or questions about this privacy policy or generally about our privacy practices, please send an email to or by mail to the address indicated below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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44, Avenue John F. KennedyL-1855 LuxembourgGrand Duchy of Luxembourg

JWS International S.à r.l.

44, Avenue John F. KennedyL-1855 LuxembourgGrand Duchy of Luxembourg

we are also happy to inform you that we have an employee dedicated to ensuring your privacy, our data protection officer. you can directly reach our data protection officer via email at: or mail to the following address:

Til DPO's opmærksomhed

JWS Americas S.à r.l.

44, Avenue John F. KennedyL-1855 LuxembourgGrand Duchy of Luxembourg
Til DPO's opmærksomhed

JWS International S.à r.l.

44, Avenue John F. KennedyL-1855 LuxembourgGrand Duchy of Luxembourg