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1CWisdom4U | Oranum
67 Bewertungen
( My fee is 3.99 per min. ) I was born with many natural amazing gifts, And with a strong native american heritage. My gifts are ~ Clairvoyance ~ Mediumship ~ Empathic ~ Clairsentient ~ Natural & Energy Healing ~ Channeling ~ Ancient Wisdom ~ Cosmological Knowledge. I Connect directly to source, I also teach classes, of all kinds in private sessions. I can use tools or no tools it is your choice.
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  •   shancia132 Vor 3 Tagen

    She was very good with details and info on what I needed to know

  •   sunandmooon Vor 1 Monat

    Thank you so much for a perfectly delivered reading. hopeful, to the point, honest

  •   nzstars Vor 1 Monat

    Thank you so much for your guidance. A lovely reading :) I am grateful for your advice <3 love & light

  •   Agent444 Vor 2 Monaten

    Great thank you. Wanted a reading for a while so I will look forward to the predictions

  •   michsimwo Vor 2 Monaten

    thank you so much!!!'

  •   nzstars Vor 3 Monaten

    Thank you so much for your guidance, intuition and support. I am very grateful and feel your insight will do a wonder for what's to come xo love & light, bless you!

  •   spiritonloose Vor 3 Monaten

    Very accyrate and fast reader. Thank you sooooo much :)

  •   monaliz217 Vor 5 Monaten

    1CWisdomm4U was amazing, she connected with my ancestors and past live. i always wondered if all i felt growing up was true... and she confirmed it. she was so pleasant and quick too, right on point. thank you so much.

  •   carmelp Vor 5 Monaten

    wonderful reading!! thank you so much

  •   Angelwings22 Vor 7 Monaten

    ONE OF THE BEST READERS OUT THERE! Wisdom is so amazingly accurate, takes the words from my mouth every time! I am gape-mouthed at each read. I am stunned at her detailed readings. A truly lovely, caring, kind individual who never judges. She feels as though she has been your best friend your entire life! STUNNING READER!

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