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RockPsychic | Oranum
78 Bewertungen
30+ yrs, master psychic, energy reader (no cards, tools, or spirits needed), ordained minister/reverend, spiritual mentor, time shifting,teach psychic arts, life, love & well-being coach, chakras, accuracy, timelines, life mastery training, love, happiness, abundance. Radio/TV personality Hobbies: Find missing children, helping authorities, solving murders. Hours: Thurs Fri Sat Sun
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  •   Chester9898 Vor 20 Tagen

    really fast. really detailed

  •   Chester9898 Vor 21 Tagen

    super detailed. ridiculous 5 plus

  •   cazk0303 Vor 29 Tagen

    Thank you so much...you connected right away and gave some great advice. I truly appreciate it! Very gifted reader...

  •   kat20181 Vor 1 Monat

    Very appreciative of RockPsychic; she clarified some complex feelings I had and relationships in my life and helped free me up to move forward. Love being in her positive, wise energy. Highly recommend!

  •   ginla23 Vor 1 Monat

    I liked Rock Psychic reading. She keys into energy very nicely. I like what she said.. I hope what she says come to pass

  •   Your Support Team Vor 2 Monaten

    Your Support Team wuenscht Ihnen alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

  •   shleemollyy Vor 2 Monaten

    Great! She really picked up on my energy in a matter of seconds

  •   ginla23 Vor 2 Monaten

    The chat with Rockpsychic was interesting. She said some things that made me think, but we will see what happens. It was nice speaking with her. :)

  •   nzstars Vor 3 Monaten

    Thank you for the reading I am grateful for your advice and wisdom :) Love & light! <3

  •   janicecat85 Vor 3 Monaten

    Sorry ran outta credits, thanks for the great reading!

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