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soul00 | Oranum
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2.49! NATURAL BORN 4TH GENERATION PSYCHIC able to connect with deceased loved ones and angels to help guide you on your life path. Come into my circle of light . I will tap into spirit world relaying messages i get for you ,here you can feel free to ask them? through me . We will guide you only in a positive way. All my readings come from a place of love &light. Come in take deep breaths &relax
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  •   LadyJ8810 Vor 3 Jahren

    hi soul. u were so right. im pregnant like u said i will be....now i wonder if its a boy like u said lol

  •   soul00 Vor 4 Jahren

    LETS BE REAL FOR min ....iam soul00 and yes this is my job ...... but i am here to help you i am here to listen to you and i am here to help i give you messages from spirit world and from our angels . i am a empath meaning i feel everything good and bad. 2.49 a min !! please if you need true advice and help take me pvt chat i am more than willing to help all iam here for my loves <3

  •   stepmomma2012 Vor 4 Jahren

    im not sure how to private chat



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