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AlmightyParo | Oranum
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  •   mistie0517  4 days ago

    very patient and understanding to all sides of the situation he takes a lot of pride in his work to help others and has always been very helpful and calming

  •   Mishenka  8 days ago

    TY TY TY in every way possible. God's Finest Blessings in Multitudes To You Almighty Paro.

  •   mistie0517  10 days ago

    very sweet and compassionate in what he does

  •   tlsimms2008  10 days ago

    Almighty Paro knows the truth better than you do about your situation and can fix it

  •   Mishenka  13 days ago

    TRULY FABULOUSLY AWESOME ! God Bless You in Every Way Almighty Paro.

  •   tlsimms2008  15 days ago

    always a pleasure to talk to. works fast and does great job. very honest very helpful. feels like family

  •   tradeitall619  15 days ago

    5 stars... he is accurate and can get the job done. This man just knows things. His spirit guide is awesome. He is the best on oranum.

  •   Mrslove1  17 days ago

    The best reader here. Thank you.

  •   68nicole  18 days ago

    Thanx for your reassurance and great help! XXX Nicole

  •   Lmsunshine601  20 days ago

    Paro is as gifted and caring as they come. when you talk to paro he docent tell you what you want to hear he tells you the truth and what you need to hear. very gifted man

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You've reached the maximum length of this message (140 characters).