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AngelicCamilla | Oranum
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Hi I am a psychic minister & Reiki practitioner, hypnotist and psychic who encourages you to work on your faith. Please message me for a private Reiki session! It will help reduce stress levels, eliminate anxiety and make you peaceful. Reiki has the power to heal!!
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  •   wrekka1 4 months ago

    she is souch a lovely soul, and is very caring, genuine person, and gives good advice and insight.

  •   wrekka1 7 months ago

    she's wonderfull person, she has a good aura about her and was on point with lots of my situation.thank you for listening
    will definently be back.

  •   archibaldgraham1 2 years ago

    Her reading was incredibly accurate and she is a very warm, positive healing kind of person. Highly recommended!

  •   Vegasman5 2 years ago

    great reading as usual.

  •   starrose44 2 years ago

    She is an angelic soul. She tuned in effortlessly and with deep compassion. She does energy healing as well so just ask her. She is so adorable and easy to speak with. She will help you on a deeper level than just giving you surfaced information. I appreciate her so much.

  •   SpiritualOceans 2 years ago

    She was someone I recommended to a friend, and she had a lot of accuracy. She's a lovely soul, and she spreads happiness. I recommend her.

  •   Jewelella 3 years ago

    Thank you Camilla! I needed that support, guidance; career info I have not been able to find on my own; ...I have been so emotional (too much pain) and your words and insight REALLY helped me with some healing in those moments with you. I know what you told me was accurate too about the other topic. I just was worried if he would come back, give us a real try, communicate openly....XOXOXO

  •   aquadivinewaters 3 years ago

    Beautiful Reading. Thank you.I cant wait for it all to unfold.



You've reached the maximum length of this message (140 characters).

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