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AnimaSolis | Oranum
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Together we can find the solutions you need,all it takes is wanting,you set yourself a goal and all the limits dissipate,you love and slowly start breathing again,you accept so you can understand better,you go deeper so you can grow and to define your own values.
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  •   AnimaSolis 4 days ago


    We try so hard,
    We even struggle,
    To live a life,thats what we say,
    And turn it into a battle;
    Trying to win,staying determined
    Chasing a goal,making it better
    Improving day by day,keeping your focus;
    Discipline along with practice,
    Being consistant and having confidence
    That your experience wont go unoticed,
    Loving yourself enough to know
    You deserve the best or even more;
    You’re here right now,you have a purpose,
    That dream,it’s your reward,go chase it,
    Never give up and don’t give in,
    No one can do it better than you can.
    So stop looking around,just look within,
    You’ll find everything there,inside;
    Love – that power- will be your light,
    Embrace it,it will become your guide
    Towards your goal and you want to be,
    You’re not a prisoner anymore,love has just set you free!

  •   cazk0303 12 days ago

    Haven't been on or read with him in quite a while...What a great reader with wonderful energy. He picked up on my situation immediately. I so appreciate his insight and his validation. One of the best on Oranum. Truly appreciate him!!

  •   aqidahj 12 days ago

    This guy was spot on and honestly genuine, honest and calming.

  •   joannesad 17 days ago

    very nice reading... and he's very very nice too... thank u :)

  •   Lolabe11a 18 days ago

    AnimaSolis is ALWAYS spot on with everything! Very quick, kind, direct...genuine :) Thank you again and I will update with you soon! *hugs*

  •   Kenny11 1 month ago

    Hi. Can you please send me a message about my reading today? I didn't feel that it was too clear. May I talk to you?

  •   Lolabe11a 2 months ago

    thank you again so much, you always get everything spot on! Very caring, genuine, and understanding! I'll be back again for update :)

  •   AnimaSolis 3 months ago

    It is so clear,
    It has been for a while
    The fact that I love you,
    Trying to push it…oh I’ve been so blind!

    Trying to make some sense out of it,
    Trying to understand
    I’ve lost some of it’s meaning
    But everything is still there

    All those moments that we shared,
    Through good and bad we walked,hand in hand
    Laughing or crying,embracing,
    Holding each other…nothing else really mattered.

    Cherishing the time we’ve spent together
    Joking or planning,foolish or bitter
    You were besides me and I next to you
    This,us,became so real,step by step.

    You can not see it coming,
    Not knowing what to expect
    You go into the fog without looking back,
    Hoping,at first,that it can happen
    Then shifting into a belieth,trusting
    That this is real,not only in your mind
    Tho you don’t see it now,it feels so right.

    Getting the shivers,your body shacking,a cold spine,
    It feels so scary yet so right;
    You have your fears as I have mine
    We are not perfect…we shouldn’t even try
    We have our flaws,more still to come,
    That makes no difference,
    We take it and share it,just as simple as that.

    That void you’re feeling when we are apart,
    Lives inside me too…so what?
    Both knowing and trusting that it will happen
    Makes everything fade,just our love to matter.

    There’s no one else I see myself being with
    On this journey we call life,holding my hand;
    Walking that isle,shining like the morning sun,
    Those big bright eyes,two priceless gems,
    Two drops of water from the eternal fountain of life itself
    Your beauty makes everything else pale;
    I feel so lucky to finally have found you
    A godess;I am so proud
    To have you in my life,to call you the queen of my heart,
    To love you,hold you and cherish you for the rest of our lives
    So my queen,please smile!

    We have from now until forever
    To live and love and laugh together,
    To create and write our own love story,
    All will read and see it’s glory;
    It felt so right,we’ve made it through
    This is real,ME and YOU!

  •   AnimaSolis 3 months ago

    The world seems empty
    No hopes or dreams,
    Emptiness inside me,I look around
    And nothing is as it seems;
    You came and left only to return again,
    That void inside makes me incomplete,since then.
    It’s only been one month
    Yet ages seemed to have passed away,
    A moment,one second or one year,they feel the same;
    You took a part of me, took it all,
    The most important one,my soul;
    Left here,trying to fill the gap
    Becoming restless,just drifting,having no map
    To reach to you,to have you back.
    Finding it so hard to breathe,my chest is hurting,
    Your image is so clear in my mind,my heart is aching.
    Where are you?...I keep asking
    Where am I?...still no answer
    Where am I and where are you?
    I wonder,can we ever see or face the truth?
    I know I'm here,but where are you?
    I'm also here,but where are you?
    When mind is shut,the heart starts pumping
    Our eyes,closed,and silence shouting,
    Our souls are whispering one to another,
    They laugh,they dance,they embrace each other.
    But then again with eyes wide open
    We have to face what was unfolded.
    So where am I and where are you
    Has no importance,we know the truth,
    I'm right here and so are you
    And its enough for us to say
    "I LOVE YOU"

  •   Vanatru 3 months ago

    Where have you been? I need a reading!

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