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AnimaSolis | Oranum
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Together we can find the solutions you need,all it takes is wanting,you set yourself a goal and all the limits dissipate,you love and slowly start breathing again,you accept so you can understand better,you go deeper so you can grow and to define your own values.
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  •   Lolabe11a 2 months ago

    What more can I say about Anima, he picked up my son and I needed confirmation he will be okay and moving forward in life...Anima did confirm all that and much more. My children are my heart and I ty for your honesty and insight. xox

  •   AnimaSolis 2 months ago

    Everything is and it will always be what it is in essence;the moment we have an opinion and create a judgement over something is called an intervention,our own thought process dissecting and understanding,making it a clear picture in our mind so we can make sense out of it,natural;it will always come to us filled with an emotion that will be amplified by our own feelings towards that “something” we have perceived and understood – that way it makes it mean something to us.
    This process does not change that “something” we have perceived,understood and made it to mean something to us;it will be as it was,as it is and it will always be in essence – the only thing that changes will be the way you perceive it (look at it),understand it (see it) and the way we feel about it (what it means to us) or simply WHAT WE MAKE OUT OF IT…More people can see the same thing differently and even the same person can see the same thing differently depending on many variables,all subjective otherwise,while the only constant being and remaining the “something” that is observed.

  •   Lolabe11a 2 months ago

    Anima is genuine, honest, very open and connected. Consistent and truly caring. TY and I will update/confirm back to you all :)) *hugs* and cookies!

  •   shelle97 2 months ago

    Once again Anima has been very helpful. I have a good understanding about my situation, but he just gives a bit more clarity and confirmation for me.. He's very warm and caring, but straight forward.. Thanks again.

  •   AnimaSolis 3 months ago


    We try so hard,
    We even struggle,
    To live a life,thats what we say,
    And turn it into a battle;
    Trying to win,staying determined
    Chasing a goal,making it better
    Improving day by day,keeping your focus;
    Discipline along with practice,
    Being consistant and having confidence
    That your experience wont go unoticed,
    Loving yourself enough to know
    You deserve the best or even more;
    You’re here right now,you have a purpose,
    That dream,it’s your reward,go chase it,
    Never give up and don’t give in,
    No one can do it better than you can.
    So stop looking around,just look within,
    You’ll find everything there,inside;
    Love – that power- will be your light,
    Embrace it,it will become your guide
    Towards your goal and you want to be,
    You’re not a prisoner anymore,love has just set you free!

  •   cazk0303 3 months ago

    Haven't been on or read with him in quite a while...What a great reader with wonderful energy. He picked up on my situation immediately. I so appreciate his insight and his validation. One of the best on Oranum. Truly appreciate him!!

  •   aqidahj 3 months ago

    This guy was spot on and honestly genuine, honest and calming.

  •   joannesad 3 months ago

    very nice reading... and he's very very nice too... thank u :)

  •   Lolabe11a 3 months ago

    AnimaSolis is ALWAYS spot on with everything! Very quick, kind, direct...genuine :) Thank you again and I will update with you soon! *hugs*

  •   Kenny11 4 months ago

    Hi. Can you please send me a message about my reading today? I didn't feel that it was too clear. May I talk to you?

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