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Caetano | Oranum
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A world renowned Energy channeller with experience of more than 35 years here at your service. I expertise in Love, relationships, marriages, divorces, properties, career and other activities which affect our everyday life. I can sense you energy regarding your health status and also protect you for any spells or other unnatural life altering situation. I can channel to others thoughts .
  • English, Portuguese

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  •   donjule 10 days ago

    Heyy, Caetano. I miss you!

  •   jazzychic7 17 days ago

    Caetano is one of the best psychics!! He never steered me wrong and sugarcoated! He tunes in immediately and picks up so many details. He actually predicted some things in the past and been spot on a situation since dec. Really happy now where it is going. Thank you!!

  •   RoxanneG 26 days ago

    Hi Caetano, I've been looking for you! Please tell me you will be on for awhile today? you're already in a private already.

  •   Jaqueline73 2 months ago

    Great advice!!

  •   donjule 2 months ago

    Caetano is simply amazing. He speaks true words to you as if you're having a face to face convo with God. He knows everything and read people very well with consistency and speed. I always without a doubt grab him into a private whenever he is online. A true friend who never sugar coats nad has no needs to :)

  •   egnav31 3 months ago

    Cae is always the one I come back for when I have big questions in my mind. Honestly while i've read with other psychics, in the end i still come back to for his opinion to confirm which is the right direction to go. And so far he wasn't wrong about anything he told me. He truly helps me a lot. Thanks Cae really, god bless you!

  •   miachloe120 3 months ago

    Truly AMAZING!!! Caetano is the real deal! WOW! WOW!WOW!

  •   jazzychic7 4 months ago

    This is the best psychic i came across in my life!! His predictions all came true - and he never led me wrong, even when he said things i didnt want to hear! i am in awe how he picks up things immediately and describes person to a t. this man truly has a gift. money well spent with him as he gives long term (and accurate!!) predictions :)

  •   gentlebay 6 months ago

    There is no better reader in the entire world. I have been fortunate to read with the very best over the last five years. Caetano brings tears to my eyes because he is so spot on amazing. Brilliant beyond words

  •   Boyan2017 6 months ago

    Fantastic reading with Caetano

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