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EmpathicMermaid | Oranum
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I am an honest person, with knowledge in many areas from psychology to religion and beyond. I have always had vision beyond the five senses and "known" things. I am empathic, and keep an open heart and mind. I care about people and want to help others face life's challenges without sugar coating or laying out false ideas or hopes. Come to me if you want a strong spiritual advisor.
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  •   FREESOUL16 4 months ago

    I had a reading regarding love before when she had the lowest rate, maybe she first came out on oranum at that time. I felt that she was great with the cards and I have heard similar predictions except that she is not too much into time frame, so am I. Anyhow, I sense she did a good career reading as well though I am still not certain whether I want to leave my current place of work, Thx

  •   tristian 5 months ago

    Empathic Mermaid is such a beautiful soul, with boundless love and compassion; she is truly empathetic, pouring all of herself into her readings. Her clairaudience allows her to divine into a situation, backed by messages from the cards; balancing out the reading, she offers practical advice, life coaching and the kindest counsel one could ever hope to find.

  •   wassawa241729842 5 months ago

    thank you!!!!! so positive!!

  •   stavrosnyc 5 months ago

    very grounded warm kind and very helpful



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