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Gisela27 | Oranum
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Welcome, I work with various card decks, my clairvoyance, energy work, blockade resolution, coaching, healing stones, love rituals, runes and much more.... Hallo, ich arbeite mit verschiedenen Kartendecks, meiner Hellsicht, Energie Arbeit, Blockaden Auflösung, Coaching, Heilsteine, Liebes-Rituale uvm.
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  •   whiteopals 1 day ago

    Gisela is wonderful. PLEASE, PLEASE CONTACT HER. She is an amazing psychic and will tell you anything you need to know, and do it REALLY QUICKLY. She is an exceptional psychic and a very kind and caring person. I really, really recommend her.

  •   whiteopals 4 days ago

    You are a gift and a blessing from God Gisela. Thank you so much. I cannot recommend Gisela to you enough. She is an absolutely GIFTED psychic. She is wonderful and can tell you ANYTHING you want. PLEASE, PLEASE contact her!!

  •   whiteopals 8 days ago

    I cannot recommend Gisela ENOUGH. She is absolutely wonderful!!! I have no idea how she can know so much, but she DOES. Please, please contact her!!! You will be so glad you did. She will answer any question you have, and do it quickly. She is also an extremely caring, kind and patient person. She is a gifted psychic and VERY WONDERFUL. I am truly grateful to her. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND HER!!!

  •   Your Support Team 10 days ago

    Your Support Team wishes you a very Happy Birthday!

  •   whiteopals 11 days ago

    You are ALWAYS, ALWAYS EXCEPTIONAL, and so wonderful to me. I am SERIOUSLY GRATEFUL to you.

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact Gisela. She is a WONDERFUL psychic. She will tell you anything you need to know, and do it VERY QUICKLY. She is also a very patient and caring person. You will be VERY GLAD you contacted her. I REALLY RECOMMEND HER. !!!!!

  •   whiteopals 18 days ago

    Exceptional reading as always!! Thank you so much!! You are an excellent psychic and a good person and I really appreciate you. Thank you.

  •   whiteopals 22 days ago

    Gisela is ABSOLUTELY EXCEPTIONAL. There are psychics here who charge MUCH, MUCH more than she does, who don't do or see half as much as she does. She is wonderful, and she is a caring person. I really, really recommend her to you. PLEASE, PLEASE CONTACT HER!!

  •   debbie1231 25 days ago

    hi back for a follow up she very fast and straight forward thank for the honesty .

  •   whiteopals 26 days ago

    You are a blessing to me Gisela, and a TREASURE. You are a very gifted psychic, and a very kind person. Your readings ALWAYS help me TREMENDOUSLY and I am SERIOUSLY GRATEFUL. Thank you very much. : )

  •   whiteopals 1 month ago

    Gisela is always EXCEPTIONAL. Bless this woman. Thank you so much!!! How does she know so much?? I don't know but I am ETERNALLY GRATEFUL. I have spoken to her a few times now, and each time I have felt IMMENSELY BETTER. She clarifies everything I need to know, and does it so quickly! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND GISELA TO YOU. PLEASE CONTACT HER. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED.

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