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  •   kysa00 10 months ago

    SUCH a fabulous reader. My regular advice giver. Very accurate.

  •   firrekrakker 10 months ago

    A true spiritual guide. I feel so relaxed and renewed when we talk. She's like an old friend who just knows everything! Always a great experience!! Thank you

  •   Love_Dove 10 months ago

    This is my second reading with Illiannaval. I liked how she remembered me. The reading was consistent with the last one I had with her. I really feel she is the real deal. I am curious to see what will happen with me and if things that she said will happen. It's only been about a week and a half since my last reading. I'll have to see, but I will definitely come back for another reading.

  •   slimmie 10 months ago

    wow what a great woman love marla so much she is absolutely brilliant highly highly recommend a reading with this fabulous woman what more can i say

  •   joannesad 10 months ago

    very detail and friendly :)

  •   firrekrakker 11 months ago

    Once again, knows everything. She is the best, I always leave feeling fulfilled and positive. Everything is happening just as she said. It always feels like we have known each other forever. Quickly becoming my life coach!!

  •   stephany8888 11 months ago

    Shes an awesome person! Love love love her

  •   AnaForero 11 months ago

    She is my to go to. She is always on point. connects fast and truly knows the circumstances and what is going on with other people. Has been right consistently in the past . Cares about the people she helps and says things just like they are, I do at most 15% of the conversation because she knows what's going on. I truly appreciate her and the relationship we have built with time.

  •   Jaqueline73 11 months ago

    She is like Oranums mother hen! The one I get the best advice from and helps puts things into perspective for me. Love you Marla xo

  •   worthyoflovelove 11 months ago

    you are so nice to me. i truly hope that what you say is true. you have helped me so so much thank you

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