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LAQUZEL1 | Oranum
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Dear Guest! Welcome to my office! How I work? First I connect to your Akasha Chronic, the knowledge knows everything. Without You say a word, I find out how You live, your energy, personality and the root of your problems. Than I check my old hungarian Gypsy Fortune Telling cards that never lies...say good and bad! I help if I have the opportunity, to create better people and better life:)
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  •   saraaanlove 13 days ago


  •   Your Support Team 16 days ago

    Your Support Team wishes you a very Happy Birthday!

  •   EshanaaBurmese 1 month ago

    very deep connection xx

  •   LAQUZEL1 13 days ago

    thanks a lot for this great feedback. Yes i try to do my best and connect as deep as i can, as i really want to find out the truth. I prefer to da a great job on here, as i dont sugarcoat, and want to give as much professional work as i can....I love my job because i m good in it, and i am good in it because i love my cards and job. I would love to do better and better, so need to learn more and more.
    Hope you will visit me again with some updates...hope you are find, and pls come back and tell me, how was my prediction:)See you soon, happy new year.

  •   Angelsgift 2 months ago

    She was right on spot went into my past without me giving any information out. Helped me clear the air. Gave me great guidance and cleared my path. Thank you so much for you guidance Laquel1... Keep up the great work.

  •   Chicoca587 3 months ago

    She was accurate with everything.

  •   taurusinsane 3 months ago

    she is very good, as always

  •   Yasmeen2015 3 months ago

    Physic and was quick and accurate

  •   LAQUZEL1 6 months ago

    loveyourself1: thank you
    loveyourself1: you are so gifted

  •   LAQUZEL1 6 months ago

    oveyourself1: you are really good
    loveyourself1: thats amazinf
    loveyourself1: yes

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