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  •   SpiritMother 5 days ago

    This week is my Son's MMA Fight Week. I will be in and out on Tuesday, Thursday and then Saturday Night. next week, I will on day and night on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. I am very excited about the new schedule. I will see u when i wake up today! Time to sleep at is is 1:48 am! I should be on around 10am-11am. Then off to celebrate my jenny's Birthday at dinner time, then back again on here!

  •   SpiritMother 8 days ago

    i have been drained from a virus my Grandson was so lucky to catch. He shared with me and rest will do me good. No one needs a reading from an exhausting Mystic. Tomorrow my loves, we will begin a new week.

  •   SpiritMother 9 days ago

    I will be on Friday The 13th, from 9pm - 1am at a reduced rate of $2.99 per minute! See you then!

  •   SpiritMother 7 months ago

    I will be on tonight from 10pm-1am 7 days a week. Possibly as early as 9pm central. Daytime may be an option in the future

  •   SpiritMother 8 months ago

    My new schedule will now be Monday-Saturday 10pm-1am central! Off Sundays for my Radio Show!

  •   lizwhitehouse 10 months ago

    answered me very quickly

  •   SpiritMother 10 months ago

    Thank you so much for taking the time to post to my wall. I cannot wait to see u again in Free Chat soon! I enjoyed your energy so much in our session I hope to be back on Saturday Night and Sunday Night.

  •   ajs143 11 months ago

    Hi :) Would like to know your schedule please. talked to you before on Psychictext, but would love to do a more private reading here. ~amber

  •   SpiritMother 11 months ago

    Thank you Love. I will be back on Sunday from 8pm cdt till around midnight or so and then every night after that from 10pm till midnight or 1am.

  •   rita05 1 year ago

    she was very quick, got straight to the point

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