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VanessaRose | Oranum
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A spiritual adviser, life coach, and intuitive psychologist. I use tools such as cards, runes, crystals to assist me but it is not always needed. Gifted from birth, I've also had an NDE where I was in spirit for a moment so have been even more sensitive ever since. At times, I completely amaze myself at my level of detail and accuracy!
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  •   VanessaRose 1 year ago

    Do What Makes Your Soul Shine! Every week I write a quote on my board that sits on my desk. This is my first quote! It has special meaning to me; not only because it bears a great message, but because it goes along with the transitions I've made recently in my life. I decided it was time for me to grow to my full potential and to shine my light unto the world. Time for me to be my absolute happiest and to help other people be their happiest, too. So what did I do....I did what makes my soul shine! I decided to live my life in full for myself and for what I want to do! So here I am being proactive in my life and in my happiness! And I couldn't feel any better about it right now! I can't wait to lead others into their happiness as well and spread the message of "let your soul shine!"

  •   VanessaRose 1 year ago

    Hi I'm Vanessa! I am new to Oranum. I'm excited to be here! I had my first day on September 27th. However, I am not new to my expert abilities. I have studied many years and have had such a wide variety of experiences in my life. I have a college degree of medical specialist (sorry Im not a Dr & cannot answer medical questions). I also have a college education of psychology and social human development. However, I study daily spiritually on my own and have an awareness well beyond the concepts taught to me in college. I have a deeper understanding!!! And I also have a gift. Because I have these various life experiences and acquired knowledge, and because I am dedicated to a spiritual quest and life---I am not only able to lead you in a better direction for your self; I can create a healing for you energetically, emotionally, and mentally. I am also able to answer any questions you have through my developed clairvoyance by communicating through the spirit and through meditation. I may also use tools such as my tarot cards and rune stones. Please visit with me so we can get to know each other. I really look forward to meeting each and every one of you! Thanks for coming by!



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