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  •   jade8233 3 days ago

    Kay predicted l would get contact within 24hrs and l sure did. There is no other like Kay. Kay is outstanding! x

  •   TheOnee 3 days ago

    WOW all I Can say is WOW. She predicted i would have some extra cash like $50 and I ended up getting that ! out of nowhere! AMAZING thank U!

  •   fun_fundaaz 5 days ago

    I get amazed at how even the short message she gives is connected to ur strongest emotion at that point! love, money worries or lack of rest

  •   lovelyaansh 5 days ago

    Just amazing, Kay had told me somtime back ill get good news on friday. On friday my proff gave me some data to work on my thesis which was great news.

  •   IluvSeeds 5 days ago

    Yay for Kay!!! She was right on with everything!!!!
    Has been a long ride, and Kay has been right every time. Thank you so much Kay - you're awesome!!

  •   Miljay 6 days ago

    amazing...she predicted the sale and it happened! spot on with timing!!!

  •   SantoDomingo 6 days ago

    WOW Kays Predictions are SPOT ON! she predicted a few things for me and it came true! thank you so much kay!

  •   jade8233 7 days ago

    Kay told me Sunday contact within 2. I got contact within 2, just as Kay predicted. Kay is awesome! x

  •   nessaa89 10 days ago

    thank u 10/10

  •   jade8233 19 days ago

    Kay told me to apply for the supervisor position and seen me getting it. I got the job! Kay even told me l will get a cold and now l have 1

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