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  •   mcalpine10 6 hours ago

    Kay said that somebody was unfriendly to me! She was 100% correct! I had an exchange with an unfriendly man on the same day Kay said it.

  •   Astric 7 hours ago

    Kay told me about having a celebration, it, she is always spot on :)

  •   groovylove 1 day ago

    So, Kay kept telling me to lisetn to my dreams, i had one of the most revealing dreams yet with my guide. Blessings Special K!

  •   Angelwings22 4 days ago

    KAY BLEW ME AWAY! Zero details. I can confirm so many of her predictions... they do HAPPEN. Write down time frames and be patient. She said I'd hear from someone in 3: 3 days, weeks or months, or 3 pm. I did- 3 days! This lady is exceptional. She has been correct about my emotions to the day! Generous soul, kind and gentle. Stunning accuracy.

  •   Astric 5 days ago

    Wow, she amazes me. She said I will get a dream about something and I got it. Spot on Kay!

  •   greek07chick7 6 days ago

    Always awesome, very fast, to the point, and connects very well. One of the best!

  •   groovylove 8 days ago

    Special K said i would be having dreams about the person i inquired about and yes the dreams have been happening and God bles her vision

  •   Astric 8 days ago

    I gt a confirmation, u were right about my prediction Kay, Thanks so much :)

  •   fun_fundaaz 8 days ago

    Kayyyy - u saw increased contact in July! And we have been texting/talking over phone constantly! like teenage kids.. lol :D love kay!

  •   fun_fundaaz 27 days ago

    u saw communication in 4 days! He had to go out of connectivity for a month. I was like no way it ll happen! But his trip shortened 4 days!

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You've reached the maximum length of this message (140 characters).

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