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theGuardian | Oranum
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Master Dæmonologist & Hermetic Adept - in Direct Alignment to Source - able to channel ArchAngels & your Highest-Selves in all densities & realms. Teacher & Practitioner of ZepTepi Polarization & Etheric Healing. the Last Warlock, reading from Tarot de los Angeles & Lucifer’s Tarot : authentic Crystal Ball Divination : Arcana Mundi Revelar : Occult-Astrologist & Soul-Blueprint analysis & retrieval
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  •   xxPhoenixRising 3 days ago


  •   Charlie0412 7 days ago

    Thank you, Guardian. This session has been very illuminating. Some things I knew already but some things I have learned today from you. You are amazing. Thank you again. Blessings to you.

  •   LittleDragon88 8 days ago

    Truly mind blowing Polarised reading from TheGuardian. Highly recommended for all!

  •   Charlie0412 10 days ago

    Thank you Guardian. That was most helpful. Blessings xx

  •   Charlie0412 11 days ago

    Thank you so much. You are right on the money here. Thank you again.

  •   summerbreeze888 11 days ago

    WONDERFUL, wonderful reader! So accurate and powerful. Thank you and I will return!

  •   papafosu 14 days ago

    TheGuardian is just willl never be disappointed!!!

  •   Larkascending 21 days ago

    theGuardian is an excellent teacher. He is a master at his skill and does a wonderful job of teaching how to break from blockages. So blessed to have him here!

  •   MIPIACEPJ 21 days ago

    Really good reading. Thorough, spot on. Recommend highly

  •   Gaby11 22 days ago

    very deep fast clear interesting insights.......Thank you dearly....Blessings



You've reached the maximum length of this message (140 characters).

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