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thetruth04 | Oranum
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I would like to congratulate you to come this far. Many times in life the hardest step to take is the first one. I take only private consultation, I will need your age, name, and the question what you would like to know about. I believe everything is energy , I choose to help with mine. I use Rider Waite Tarot and also Angel energy. Gender, Race, Sexuality, Age does not matter!Everybody is welcome
  • English, Hungarian

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  •   mebosiss 2 years ago

    iam so dissapointed , i paid for points and did not even chat to thetruth04 as he just sat and said nothing apart from asking me what i wanted to know... this is not fair at all,,, its a scam
    im so annoyed,, how can you cheat people

  •   Your Support Team 2 years ago

    Your Support Team wishes you a very Happy Birthday!

  •   thetruth04 3 years ago

    Are you ready for the Truth?...

  •   Alleianna 3 years ago

    the Truth, is hard to find



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