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I specialize in helping individuals align with their soul's wisdom to live their truth. Using my intuition, I channel messages from Spirit by relaying different images that I receive to you. I will help you to "remember" your soul's truth and help you to realize the solutions within yourself to clear any blockages in the way of living your soul truth.
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  •   Gentlewinds 3 years ago

    Weekly Schedule: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur: 9pm-6am

    Fri, Sat, Sun by appointment only

    Currently only $2.49 a minute for the next two weeks. Afterwards my rate will be increasing so get in now while you can!

  •   Gentlewinds 3 years ago

    Seeking your truth, your divine inner wisdom?

    Want to know what is really underlying all the challenges you are facing?

    You’ve come to the right place!

    I specialize in helping individuals align with their soul's wisdom and to live their truth.

    Bringing you “Messages from Spirit” intuition plays a leading role in my chat rooms and in my private sessions. Using my intuition, I channel messages from Spirit by relaying different images that I receive to you. Sometimes I will use “Sacred Path” cards and “Spirit of the Wheel Meditation deck” I will help you to "remember" your soul's truth and help you to realize the solutions within yourself to clear any blockages in the way of living your soul truth. I also will use Louise Hayes “Heart Thoughts Cards: A Deck of 64 Affirmations.” Though the cards sometimes function to help you further understand the messages sent by spirit they are not necessary for your reading. I do not need them to relay messages to you they are more for your assistance in understanding than they are for accessing the messages has sent.

    I have worked extensively with at-risk adolescents during which time my intuitive abilities have enabled me to perceive specific problems and related solutions to assist these children to breakthrough the negative patterning in their lives in order to not only speak their truth but to live their truth.

    My psychic abilities include being claircognizant (knowing), clairempathic (sensing others feelings), clairvoyant (seeing), and clairaudient (hearing). I am also a natural empath, energy and light worker. I now work as an Intuitive Counselor guiding individuals towards living and speaking their soul truth from the inside out.

    I experienced my intuitive and psychic abilities at an early age contacting a deceased classmate as she communicated through me using automatic writing. I also had several experiences in which I “knew” certain things were going to happen, specifically when significant life changing events were about to occur, such as my great uncle’s death and my step-father’s unfortunate accident in which he broke his ankle requiring major surgery. I often experienced premonitions about events but my abilities and talents were not embraced and supported by those I lived with at the time so I learned to ignore them. In as much as one can ignore such things, it was more like I learned to not talk about my experiences or abilities. By the time I had graduated college and got married, I had become so accustomed to “ignoring” these abilities that I often didn’t even realize when things were being revealed to me.

    In 2001, I went on a Vision Quest and began a process of “coming home” to my body and soul. A process that has taken several years, but which I believe has finally come full circle. On that Vision Quest I was gifted with the name: Gentlewinds in Flame and I came to learn that part of my life purpose on this earth is to assist others in finding their truth, speaking their truth and living their truth. The name Gentlewinds in Flame has a dual meaning: one in that as I tried to light a fire on the mountain during my solo time, I heard the Universe tell me to use “gentlewinds in the flame” in order to get the fire to take.

    The Universe told me “sometimes it is not how hard we try but how gently we hold things, how tenderly we encourage something that allows it to reveal itself. Many times, the eager and overbearing advisor who insists that they “face the facts” frightens people. Instead there is a need for a gentle acceptance of who they are, where they are and how they are for them to begin to feel safe enough to recognize the truth within their soul. Be the Gentlewinds in Flame.”

  •   Gentlewinds 3 years ago

    Since that time, I have trained to be a Carrier of Council, or in other words, learned how to sit as a spirit guide and hold another’s story as they journey on their own quest for truth. I have applied what I have learned from my training into my practice as a counselor, shaman, healer, intuitive and as an empath.

    When you have a session with me on Oranum, I will first ask for your name and date of birth. While this is not absolutely necessary, it does seem to help me to connect more specifically with your energy and personal essence. It may seem as though the session begins slow, but once we get going, hold on for the ride. I will sometimes pull a card or even a few cards, mostly to confirm what I am already sensing, and to give you something visual to see what I am saying.

    If at anytime, I do not sense that I am connected with you or your situation, I will let you know. It will do you no good if I can not connect with you. This can occur for a variety of reasons. Often it occurs because you are not ready to know your innermost truth and are blocking me unconsciously from connecting with you on an energetic level. Other times the Universe will prevent me from connecting with you as a means of protection – either there is information you are not ready to hear, or by connecting with you at that particular time may be detrimental for either you or myself. If I notice any of these things occurring I will immediately notify you and advise you to end the session and come back to my free chat. There is a twofold reason for this. One, you don’t waste anymore of your money, and two, when you come back to my free chat, I will be glad to share with you what I am aware of as far as what is preventing me from connecting with you and help you to determine if you need to see a different reader or if there is something you need to do on your own before seeking another reading.

    Your story is waiting~

    Your Truth is longing to be told~

    Will you listen with your heart to your soul?



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