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MystycAngel2010 | Oranum

Hello dear friends, my name is Catherine, and I am a gifted psychic, who can feel energies and people, who does her best to offer quality HELP and not SHOW. Is a big difference between fancy show in front of the camera, and a person who truly cares to help and to guide and to serve.

  • Female
  • English, French, Italian, Spanish

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  •   happy4you7  1 month ago

    Love and light always.

  •   MystycAngel2010  1 month ago

    For you as well, my friend.

  •   LiveJasmin Team  2 months ago

    LiveJasmin Team wishes you a very Happy Birthday!

  •   MystycAngel2010  4 months ago

    My very dear friends. I am very grateful for each of you, who come here, who speak to me, and who trust me in taking readings with me, or even asking for my advice. I am always happy to be useful, I am always happy to help people, because by helping others, our lives get a meaning.
    I kindly ask all of you to also understand that I am not able to break the website's rules, as this 1 - is not moral, and 2 - it will lead to the closure of my psychic account. Therefore, please understand that in free chat, all we are allowed to offer is advice. Readings and predictions and answers, are to be offered in private only.
    Also, I feel that I have to explain why we request for the guests to register. This is for an easier way to communicate. It is more polite to communicate with a person using an username. Also, the rules say that the guest can study the website, and can examine the rooms. But in order to communicate with the psychic, in order to obtain advice, if wanting to stay in free chat, or to get readings and answers and predictions in private, a person (guest), has to register with an username. This is polite and kind, and makes communication between the person and the psychic easier.
    This being said, God bless you my dear friends. I am here to help you as I can.
    All my respect for you,


  •   ninjakittenabc1  4 months ago

    She was great! I feel her reading was very accurate...I have read with her before and she was great

  •   hidayat9  4 months ago


  •   hidayat9  4 months ago

    Thanks Cathy for the best ever help and support you have given me .

  •   MystycAngel2010  5 months ago

    Dear friends!! Welcome on Oranum!! Welcome on my page and welcome in my room!! I have to say that I am not yet familiar with Oranum's new "face", but I am still the same person, who waits for you with open heart, open mind and kindness on my page, in my Oranum room, and in my private. Feel confident in coming to me for help!! I will gladly offer you advice in free chat, and readings and answeres and predictions in private!! God bless you all!!



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