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Noein | Oranum
Eye have been Psychic since my 4th Birthday which was in 1959. It happened in an instant when my Pineal Gland (Third-eye) mysteriously fired-up. 10 years after that eye entered into a Seminary and began studying to become a Catholic Priest. Time has since proven that eye have the gift of Divination. Eye use Tarot Cards to sea (see deeply) into the future for you.
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  •   focusing  3 days ago

    5 stars

  •   sushisurfs  3 days ago

    So entertaining and ACCURATE. intuition that doesn't quit!

  •   CoolDolphin  3 days ago

    Amazing! This man is a deeeep well to draw from for learning some of the more significant issues and the meanings of current events.
    He saw my depth of curiosity and covered all the bases.
    Extremely thorough and powerful.
    I will be back for many more!

  •   hesmec  4 days ago

    Very Insightful! Thank you so much!

  •   LightndSoulGirl  8 days ago

    Amazing reading!! He was great. I came in wanting to know one thing but left with so much more knowledge. Thank you Noein!

  •   sushisurfs  11 days ago

    astounding. and SO entertaining. much time and attention went into this wonderful reading! Thank you.



You've reached the maximum length of this message (140 characters).