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SarafinaPsychic | Oranum

Hi I'm Sarafina, I am a Psychic Counselor and Spiritual Teacher. My Psychic ability is to See, Feel and sometimes Hear how people are feeling for you in this life and beyond. I can connect with your future events and help remove barriers from your life. I am a natural psychic and rarely use any tools, I rely on my connection to Universal God-force Energy. I am fast, accurate, clear and helpful.

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  •   sunandmoon1  9 days ago

    Thank you very much for your quick information. You are beautiful

  •   miamay  13 days ago

    Wonderful reading. I appreciate the positive reading. She was able to read without any tools. She was able to give time frame of when I may meet him, his physical characteristics, as well as his where and how I will meet him. I'm excited. Thank you

  •   fanou28  1 month ago

    when will you be online ?

  •   beadermom01  1 month ago

    Serafina was very helpful and quick to reply. I will visit her again soon.

  •   cece1964  1 month ago

    Love you Sarafina!!! Always a loving friend

  •   nomiSsugaM  1 month ago

    she had very direct and good advise, one i never heard before and was actually one of the intuitive feelings i've had all along myself, ty for the kind but direct even hard truth but that was what i needed most so thanks really from bottom of my heart keep doing that great work namastE and if u want to ever connect for free promotion contact me on fb robin simon alias pacslim peace love light one!

  •   dlynn1234  1 month ago

    she knew what was bothering me right from the start. She was so kind and caring. I recommend her!!

  •   empy05  1 month ago

    Very well focused on your issues, kind but to the point. I recommend her!

  •   abysmile  1 month ago

    Sarafina is always spot on! I do trust her guidance and she has always been correct. and i love that her readings are not conclusive, she always has guidance based on actions that I must take on my part. thank you so much sarafina <3

  •   3dieJ1  1 month ago

    thank you, you're lovely and accurate. i appreciate the reading

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