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RockPsychic | Oranum
29 years experience, master psychic intuitive, energy reader, psychic teacher, spiritual mentor, reverend, life & well-being coach, energy worker, healer, animal communicator, chakra healing, accurate readings, timelines, reality tampering, setting karma with dharma, love, happiness, health, abundance, all areas of life. Hobbies: Find missing children, helping authorities, solving murders.
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  •   LibraDragon11  1 day ago

    Thank you my dear for the lovely reading 8) I am looking forward to your predictions and I will keep you posted. I appreciate ur help and positive energy. Love and Light!!

  •   Stormfire28  8 days ago

    awesome has always

  •   junekay2013  9 days ago

    Amazing reading, waiting on her timelines.

  •   junekay2013  12 days ago

    Amazing reading!!! absolutely love her! Never enough time with her lol, but I'm glad I found her... its like finding a pot of gold. LOL

  •   junekay2013  15 days ago

    Amazing!!! , wish I met her before everyone else

  •   RockPsychic  23 days ago

    WONDERFUL THAT SHE IS BACK! Great insightful reading......." ... written by jen
    really good" ... written by d
    Rock Psychic is one of the best on this site. I suggest everyone to try her out, cause she gives excellent advice and her predictions are dead on!" ... written by lipstick22
    as always a solid fact filled reading. dates, times, feelings and the perfect word to capture the entire intension. i'll be back regularly." ... written by beth
    She's good." ... written by julie
    Helpful reading. " ... written by jen
    fabulous positive lady money well spent i recomend without hesitation or reservation-many thanks" ... written by mickthedoc
    totally got right down to point and without any doublts. Answers were clear and precise. She is totally awesome. For anyone who is confuse. she will definitely point what you need to hear from the start. You Rock Gurl. " ... written by autumn
    will wait for your prediction.. but thanks agains for he clarity.." ... written by hellokittylynii
    she is very encouraging,hope what she foresee will come true.." ... written by minust
    holy shit rockpsychic love ty for reading with me for the little time i had. you really uplifted me and picked up on everything that was going on presently. def gonna check out the audio book and walk/exercise yay ty boo " ... written by mm
    She is amazing! She is the best! " ... written by Steve8134230
    wonderful" ... written by maria
    Picked up on a lot great reading" ... written by MP
    love her!! she's awesome!!" ... written by melissa
    Chickie gave me a lot to think about to move forward with the questions I asked, now it's all about putting it into work to make things happen. " ... written by Swede
    This was a very quick one - but I´ve got good advice and good message! I wish I could talk for hours with Chicky! She is great -really -try her!" ... written by Sol
    She is spot on." ... written by Steve8134230
    Rock is awesome! " ... written by Steve8134230
    Rock Psychic is the best!! I love her free spirit and positive energy! She gave me a wonderful prediction for May 2017!! I will return to let you know the good news!! Thank you for all that u do to help people and for sharing your gift with us!! 8) Love and light!!" ... written by LibraDragon11
    She reslly rocks..." ... written by Anniekins
    SHE ROCKS SHE'S AWESOME THANK YOU FOR FINDING HER." ... written by bam486943
    waiting to see what happens :)" ... written by melissa
    Excellent reading! Picks up on the present situation without needing much detail from me, reads into the future with clarity and great insight! Highly recommended :)" ... written by JL
    I appreciate all her insight and honesty. I look forward to her predictions and will address it accordingly." ... written by know
    I appreciate the honesty and all the information. she used no cards and was able to connect with my situation." ... written by know
    RockPsychic was great! thank you! Very fast connection, I'll be back for an update! :)" ... written by S

  •   RockPsychic  23 days ago

    thank you!" ... written by b
    brilliant! as usual :)" ... written by melissa
    You were right last time, and I am sure you are in the right this time! Thank you very much for you help Chickie!" ... written by Charlie
    Thank you!!!!!" ... written by b
    OMG!!!! I'm popping!!!! That was great great reading coaching session. She's awesome." ... written by b
    Right on the mark with our discussion!!! " ... written by Marie
    thank you!!!" ... written by b
    thank you!" ... written by b
    Chickie.." ... written by Redhead
    SHE IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! " ... written by bd
    thank you!!!!!" ... written by b
    awsome reading" ... written by barrister26
    Thanks for the wonderful reading. Will be back soon :) xoxo" ... written by xLostinEchox
    Thank you for the updates :) " ... written by xLostinEchox
    She rocks. Really. She really connected with my situation right away and said everything that I was feeling and know for a long time. Thank u so much for easy my heart! I was looking for reassurance and you gave me. I'll be back with updates. Love always." ... written by telma
    wow, a lot of information was given and work to be done for me. Chickie is the best at what she does and demonstrates it every time. Thank you thank you thank you." ... written by Tom
    Great reading" ... written by pinkpather30
    Great reading" ... written by pinkpather30
    Thanks for a very accurate analysis of person close to me. This was very helpful indeed!" ... written by Charlie
    Great catching up with Rock Psychic!! its been way to long. so glad to see her back. She has always been fast, quick and easy to see everything going on" ... written by Mel
    She was awesome. Picked up on my vibes very clearly. I will definitely recommend her to others..." ... written by Salina35
    Beautiful as always. accurate, motivating, uplifting and guiding." ... written by Waves
    Very good reading thanks again!" ... written by Charlie
    Very refreshing life coach. I will be back." ... written by Heyyou1929
    Had a reading with her after a very long time andamp; it was great to reconnect. She picked up on situations andamp; people right away. Fast as always :) " ... written by Lilly
    Rock is the greatest and so carrying. Thank you for all your advice and help girl. " ... written by April
    Was very honest" ... written by Ray
    This lady ROCKS!!!!! She described the person and situation just perfectly!!!!" ... written by S.
    Pure ROCK andamp; ROLL!!!" ... written by S.
    SHE IS BRILLIANT!!!!!! don't want to say more - just go ahead and have a rock session with this wonderful woman!!! Try her - you gonna looooooove her!" ... written by S.
    love the bluntness can't wait for another reading many thanks great reading x" ... written by rosiekate
    Like the name, she rocks!! I'm amazed at how quick she is able to pick up! And, very detailed and straight to the sugar. She's awesome........the real deal! " ... written by cittylove
    Its amazing how she picks up on things and persons!!! Love talking to her!!!" ... written by S.

  •   RockPsychic  23 days ago

    WOW! Very quick to connect! I am very excited to see how it all plays out! Thank you so much, Chickie!!! " ... written by dalaimama
    Go and talk to her !!! you will be so surprised!!" ... written by S.
    Thank you for helping me :)" ... written by cherry
    This lady gives such great advices!!! Could talk for hours with her! She is like a mentor not only a psychic - it´s like seeing the whole picture and putting the pieces together - just amazing!!! She is worth any penny!!!" ... written by s.
    Too good!!!" ... written by Sol
    fine prediction i guess" ... written by gregg
    Thank you!" ... written by 180
    Really great!!!!!" ... written by 180
    very intuitive, i trust this reader, and enjoyed my session" ... written by lammonator
    Excellent reading, she was really helpful, will return again." ... written by lammonator
    Loved her!!!" ... written by 180
    thank you so much for today- u truly rock!!! it was awesome:)" ... written by angl00777
    ITs always amazing how she pick up on things - so much information!!" ... written by So
    RockPsychic spent so much time with me on more than one issue, and she provided so much fantastic insight and advice. She gave me new perspectives on several things, and also gave me much to consider. I truly appreciated her abilities to read the energies in my situations - she really connected. I will be back for updates with her. She's great!" ... written by Marie
    first time reading, very quick, with limited introduction she hit my energy on the head and the relationships and predicted a future marriage for me describing someone who i have privately visualized without telling anyone. i'll be back. worth the $." ... written by jen
    Thanks insightful and great feelings from this lady." ... written by Amy Vulk
    Great first time read..straight to the point. Not a money waster! I will definitely come back. :-)" ... written by Gina
    I enjoyed my reading w her, we delved into some deep issues and i got substantial healing" ... written by lammonator
    Rock Psychic is amazing and caring. Her predictions are spot on, and it is why I keep on going back to her." ... written by lipstick22
    for honest and on point thanks for your help" ... written by hopeful
    I had an amazing and accurate reading. Amazing!" ... written by Steve8134230
    she is lovely. very positive and very encouraging. and look forward to healing. x" ... written by Awakenningbloom
    Very good but went so quickly sorry hun didn't realist it would. You were right on. I picked up on that with him as well" ... written by Luisa Mitchell

  •   RockPsychic  23 days ago

    She is awesome a genuine psychic :) not just that she offers you advice that changes your life. " ... written by xLostinEchox
    What she said has come true waiting for the future outcomes but i am positive it will work out too :)" ... written by xLostinEchox
    she's good! very very good!" ... written by b
    Thank you!!!!!" ... written by b
    Thank you!" ... written by b
    Great help as usual thankyou x" ... written by Steph Porter
    thank you for your good reading:)" ... written by beautifulmind
    Thanks for the updates and in depth reading. The best :)" ... written by xLostinEchox
    Thanks again for the wonderful reading and all the predictions u told me. A lot has came true and looking forward for the other ones. I wil always go to u for more info on everything and will always ask for your guidance. thanks again" ... written by spiderman
    Thanks RockPsychic for giving me support in these crucial times. I hope the future predictions will come true like the past ones. She is the real deal best on oranum in my opinion."" ... written by xLostinEchox
    thank you!!!" ... written by b
    thanks for your helpful insight" ... written by Mia_Koda
    thank you!!" ... written by b
    thank you!!" ... written by b
    Chickie is a wonderful kind soul. Her readings are detailed and in-depth. She's accurate and just a great person to talk to in time of need. Thank you!" ... written by b
    thank you!!" ... written by b
    Thank you!" ... written by b
    Rockpsychic is a good noetic healer she really helped me understand why i am not feeling well and it really made sense to me how i can heal myself now thank you rockpsychic for being so accurate and explaining everything to me so i can understand " ... written by DecemberRian
    Spot on for the, um, i don't remember how many times. She is the Best reader on this sight and I will always come back to her. *Kisses* " ... written by Tom
    very helpful...she is there to guide you and make you understand things when you feel low.. really liked all my sessions with her so far! " ... written by skroses
    Very Good." ... written by h
    thank you!" ... written by b
    Thanks for the wonderful reading chickie. Every time i read with her its like i am getting healed. I hope i reach my targets talk to you soon Chickie :)" ... written by xLostinEchox

  •   RockPsychic  23 days ago

    very detailed reading" ... written by nf1
    Thank you!!!" ... written by b
    Thanks for updates will keep you posted :)" ... written by xLostinEchox
    Thx again...Totally blowed away every time... You are the best and give accurate advice." ... written by Marquita
    i dont always make the right decisions but i knwo i can count on rockpsychic ro guide me and give me the best advice i need to knwo in order to pull it through.. shes awesome! and i give her 5 stars because shes got an amazing gift" ... written by melissa
    Enjoyed talking to her. She gave some great advice. I will listen and follow through. I'd definetely talk to again. Very straight andamp; to the point done with compassion, not bluntness." ... written by pinkangel003
    rockpsychic is awesome! 5 stars! brilliant and truely gifted" ... written by melissa
    excellent reading!" ... written by b
    Chickie is quick and very detailed, gives great insights, just love speaking with her and I always come away with more than I came in with! Thank you Chickie, hugs. " ... written by b
    Great reader! Has real feeling of things over the distance :)" ... written by Grieta
    great life coach " ... written by theme
    amazing! like always :) thank you rock for helping help myself! your awesome girlfriend! hope this all works out" ... written by melissa
    rockpsychic is awesome!!! i love how she can really dig deeper into the situation and find out more about the situation and outcomes, timelines, fingers crossed! hoping for the best!" ... written by melissa
    Another great reading :)" ... written by xLostinEchox
    I enjoyed RockPsychic's reading, it was very accurate. Everything she said" ... written by mrhandsomedavid
    Thanks for the updates chickie ur a blessing to oranum :)" ... written by xLostinEchox
    Time was so short, she's awesome beyond words can say. Rockpsychic should be my personal shrink. LOL" ... written by Jay
    Awesome reading!!!! wonderful personality!! very quick to answer any and all questions. she is truly gifted with the ability to tune into peoples lives. True blessing! looking forward to updates. thank you" ... written by Melissa

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