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AlmaVeah | Oranum
26 Puntuación
I'm here to help you find your path, I don't need tools. I work with angels, spirit guides, crystals, and light beings or spirits. I also use different techniques of healing, holistic coaching, and dream interpretation. I am able to channel and instantly tell someone else's thoughts and feelings or emotions. I can see outcomes of your life and help you get WHAT YOU WANT. Your happiness!!!
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  •   John69247 hace 1 mes

    I hope she's right. I liked her and she seams to have a heart.

  •   AvnitK1 hace 1 mes

    She was spot with everything she said, was very healing to have a session with her. I received so much clarity and am beyond excited for my life and future.

  •   Cherry2020 hace 2 meses

    She is great! very accurate I was very impressed with her reading! she was spotted on! and discovered very deep matters very quick. Thank you!

  •   nylon41 hace 3 meses

    great reading. very helpful

  •   lammonator hace 3 meses

    such an excellent reader, a natural intuitive and positive counsellor i always am uplifted and energized

  •   nylon41 hace 5 meses

    good reading

  •   Nessa31 hace 5 meses

    She was very good quick and on point with just a name and location . she picked up on so much. The Truth hurts and sucks sometimes but its always good to see clear.
    Thank you soo

  •   Chicoca587 hace 6 meses

    She is amazing! Spot on with a lot of whats been going on in my life.

  •   skywalker91 hace 8 meses

    didn't like her reading . pretty disappointing .

  •   angelbabyx1231 hace 8 meses

    Hey Alma! I guess I missed you a few days ago, hope to see you soon!

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