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  •   jhayaa hace 3 días

    G waiting for you!!

  •   jhayaa hace 4 días

    G is one of the best and most genunie reader! love her for the lvoe and concern xx

  •   Goddesschild hace 3 días

    Hey!! When did you come - haven't seen you in a long time have you been? :-) Wish you a very happy new year!!!

  •   sunnysideup3776 hace 8 días

    Just entering her room I feel purified and automatically well and better. Thank you soo much Goddess! All your predictions always comes true <3

  •   Goddesschild hace 13 días

    Namaste, I will be online in a few minute from now...calling all genuine seekers of readings and healings to join me in private for help with love life questions, marriage, divorce, pregnancy related forecasts, makeup or breakup, career and business changes, transitions, and choices, financial forecasts, holding on or moving on, spiritual lessons, angel messages, yes-no's, time frames, and healing and release from binds and blockages caused by past karma or past life vows, or possession or attacks by disembodied spirits. Besides helping with tarot readings, I can assist you with Reiki, Pranic healing, Crystal healing, and chakra tuning and claiming the real you back from ghostly attachments. Some of these services need guts and a higher authorization as they can be risky.

    ***That said, this is to inform notorious zero members like spirit108, tuanzuan, registered22, ramanok, and others like these, who are forever checking out every psychic that works here, without EVER paying a single cent for anyone's labor, not to visit my room again and never to try wasting my time and energy anymore. You are absolutely unwelcome and your presence is most unwanted!!

    Truly, I kneel on my knees and pray to God and Goddess to pay you back soon karmically for the indiscriminate exploitation of free chat facility that Oranum has provided for prospective members to know their psychics better, whereas you people bother psychics to the point that some real talent has left Oranum.

    I pray with all my heart and soul that members like you people get back what suffering and drain you gave is the karmic law after all, and I know for sure that there will be no more escape for the likes of you, especially since we will ensure that our hearts' cries reach heavens. One day sooner or later, such exploitation has to cannot go on perennially.

    The one advantage is - due to members like you all - we psychics are doubly grateful for the good members - those who pay almost every time they have questions or need readings, and trust me - they are not rich people with money to waste....they just have generous hearts and value us, our expertise, time, and work. God bless all such members with joy and prosperity and fulfillment...... :-)

  •   moonstars001 hace 15 días

    Hey Goddess! Would you be able to come online today?

  •   skyfall_94 hace 23 días

    You truly are a star goddess! Honestly a star!!! Thank you very much for the private :)

  •   Goddesschild hace 22 días

    Thank YOU for the testimonial Priyanka. All is well with you and will continue to be well...nothing to worry! :D

  •   sunnysideup3776 hace 30 días

    You don't even need to tell goddess anything, her cards will pick it up swiftly!

  •   Goddesschild hace 30 días

    Thanks a million for the testimonial, Gab! :D

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