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Sensei | Oranum
140 Puntuación
Greetings. I’m a natural born clairvoyant clairsentient clairaudient claircognizant , no tools needed. I offer you clarity and guidance on relationship, finance, life path, spiritual connection, just to name a few. I sense the sign of events occurring in your life before you can have even a thought about it. I look at the reality from the outside in, let me bring you the knowledge from beyond.
  • Italiano, Húngaro

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  •   nzstars hace 10 días

    Thank you for the reading Sensei. I have high hopes of the future and really enjoy your readings with me. God bless you :)

  •   crystal2019 hace 11 días

    accurate and helpful..ty <3

  •   nzstars hace 12 días

    Thank you for the reading Sensei, I appreciate you and your work.

  •   cazk0303 hace 15 días

    Thank you so much for your guidance my friend..I am abundantly grateful to you and your gifts...

  •   LL1971 hace 19 días

    Thank you for your help I will be looking shortly. Im confident you are correct. Hugs

  •   Ladymysterious hace 1 mes

    Thank you.

  •   cazk0303 hace 1 mes

    Thank you for being my earth angel Sensei...A true inspiration to follow my destiny and believe with my whole heart. I appreciate your help in making the changes inside needed to follow that path.

  •   Fuentesx21 hace 1 mes

    he is great!!

  •   cazk0303 hace 2 meses

    Thank you Sensei for truly guiding me towards my highest good. I am abundantly grateful for you and your gifts. I truly appreciate you!

  •   Ladymysterious hace 2 meses

    Thank you Sensei for your insight. It is much appreciated. I look forward to your predictions

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