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Tangelique | Oranum
29 Puntuación
Clairvoyant, tarot reader or NO tools intuitive.I have over 30 years experience and have done over 10000 readings on Oranum. Straight up, no nonsense, the truth... I do not mess around... 100% sugar free
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  •   AthenaMarie1 hace 4 días

    Tangelique is great , very insightful, just shame time was a limiting factor

  •   khornshaw1 hace 1 mes

    amazing she is so nice and accurate and intuitive

  •   coccopuffgirl hace 1 mes

    Best reading! I got an "Overview" Tarot reading and everything seemed spot on and fit just for me! Was very thorough and didn't waste any time. I appreciated all the advice and guidance.

  •   khornshaw1 hace 2 meses

    Oh wow she is AMAZING so so quick and accurate! thank you

  •   Charlie0412 hace 2 meses

    Loved the reading. Very positive and forward moving. Thank you very very much xx

  •   dimond110 hace 3 meses

    I feel so great whenever I speak with her and have reading with her. She is very good and fast.
    Thank you so much

  •   DakedoBaby hace 4 meses

    Straightforward.... seems to connect quickly.

  •   ElaineBauscher hace 5 meses

    awesome time in pvt. Thank u. Spot on with things in my home. What a cool vibrant personality. xxx

  •   dimond110 hace 5 meses

    She is amazing! I like her so much, makes my day whenever I have reading with her!

  •   heat4686 hace 8 meses

    you were very helpful and thank you

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