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PsychicAlexa11 | Oranum
27 Puntuación
Hello! I`m Alexa and im using my gifts to bring clarity to life`s mysteries. For over the past 8 years, I have delivered psychic readings to help people. My gift as a psychic reader allows me to share my personal insight of your soul’s imprint from the past, as well as the energy I sense of your presence, to show you a perspective on your future life – including relationships and career choices.
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  •   forfun777 hace 6 meses

    Very sweet soul

  •   xxPhoenixRising hace 10 meses

    Interesting. First time, had a crystal ball reading.

  •   santiagochi hace 11 meses

    She looks into your soul and speaks the truth from a hidden place she reaches to places you cannot and discovers the way to your journey!

  •   blackroseblade1 hace 1 año

    she is very accurate and very friendly

  •   davelin hace 1 año

    may be the best reader I've talked to so far



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