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  •   Angela2508 hace 1 día

    always great to have updates! Very quick and detailed

  •   rshaw33 hace 2 días

    Excellent reader who provides clarity and insight in a direct and honest way. Highly recommended.

  •   ScatteredDaisies hace 2 días

    great reading, ty Dr Nikki, i really felt she understood my situation and honed in very well. Great reading, ty. :)

  •   Stargirl14 hace 5 días

    Thank you for the great reading!

  •   andrealynn94 hace 8 días

    amazing as always. she always nails stuff on the head and even when it doesnt make sense a few months later what she says comes to pass and blows me away. love her and rely on her

  •   Stargirl14 hace 9 días


  •   Angela2508 hace 21 días

    always a great reading! Thank you!

  •   Stargirl14 hace 22 días


  •   diginity hace 24 días

    had pvt with Nikki long time ago and I realised that she see things accuratly. I didn't explain much but she sense things very clearly abt my current situation. Spot on! many thks!!

  •   endymion82000 hace 1 mes

    Dr.Nikki is so genuine, honest, and communicates well. I appreciate the light she is sharing to others who need clarity and/or going through tough times. A blessing indeed for the time I've spoken to her. I feel that I'm not alone. Love and light, much gratitude.

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