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JuliaWest | Oranum
8 Puntuación
I am a receiver of information where time has no relevancy. Spirits come forward, but don't always speak -I also read the cartouche and at times I will draw from a Mathers deck for more clarity. Me: Clair-Audience = The gift 2 hear things outside the range of normal perception- I have been known 2 be Clair-Alience AKA Clair-Aroma Clair-Voyant The gift 2- see The gift 2 remote view or events

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  •   Your Support Team hace 34 minutos

    Your Support Team te desea un muy Feliz Cumpleaños!

  •   Queen7777 hace 23 días

    Julia is so awesome to talk to. I love her energy and she is so accurate in her readings. I can't wait to see the things she told me that are going to manifest. Thanks Julia!

  •   aragorn852016 hace 1 mes

    Julia has a unique style! You'll need open your mind and senses to grasp all the information. But it will help you definitely recommended!!!

  •   AndersK hace 2 meses

    She's wonderful! Knows her cards, has great intuition, and picked up on things I didn't even tell her. She knows her craft well.

  •   focusing hace 2 meses

    5 stars....very good

  •   Sharifa88 hace 2 meses


  •   janicecat85 hace 3 meses

    Thanks for the reading. Will be back for a follow-up in the future.

  •   Headinghome hace 3 meses

    Great advice about what is important.



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