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EVA | Oranum
6 Puntuación
My readings will cover all aspects of your situation, including detailed descriptions, timelines, future actions and events, outcomes, and guidance. I connect directly with you while I clairvoyantly read the cards and apply them to your situation or question. I specialize in Love and soulmate relationships , Career change, finances & guidance for the best path too take.
  • Inglés, Ukrainian

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  •   Angelwings22 hace 1 mes

    Eva was spot on from day one with her reading. She had a vision that came out to be true. She described people extremely well, both physically and mentally. Also, her timing is pretty accurate too, considering how hard it is to predict. She knew so much with so little detail! SPOT ON! I was amazed at her compassion, care and genuine desire to help. She's an angel.

  •   blackroseblade hace 3 meses

    she is very compassionate

  •   Angelwings22 hace 3 meses

    I just did my first reading with EVA. I feel she accurately read into my questions. I felt extremely relieved to have spoken with such a high grade healer, empath and intuit. She really cares for her clients. She types super fast and can follow your train of thought well! She absolutely cared about all of my issues and sought to resolve them! WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

  •   CoffeeCup2 hace 4 meses

    Very quick very straight to the point!

  •   arod123 hace 6 meses

    she was accurate and very straight to the point. love her, she calmed my nerves. 5 star rating!!!!

  •   marcus2688 hace 6 meses

    I had a really good reading, very straight forward, i would suggest her to anyone who's looking for guidance and reassurance :).



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