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Cael | Oranum
9 Puntuación
As we enter the Age of Aquarius, the world is reaching a new age of enlightenment, & I intend on grasping the hand of those just getting their heads above water. I may get tearful with you, & giddy with excitement. But not all readings will come out positive, & I won't sugarcoat your outcome. If you come to me for answers, expect brutal honesty. You must not be on mobile if you want a reading.

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  •   HappyArt hace 5 días

    Great person, beautiful energy, and accurate!
    I love her! Shes awesome!

  •   lindeej hace 22 días

    I am dating Michael McBride. Neither of us wants marriage. We are planning a cruise together over the new year. Will a relationship develop?

  •   Cael hace 18 días

    I'll be on later tonight and I'd love to do a reading for you

  •   genuinejane hace 25 días

    I just wanted to say thank you Cael, my situation is really hard but you have been so understanding and provided me with great insight!

  •   Cael hace 24 días

    It's been my pleasure to help where I can. Feel free to contact me again if you need anything else ^_^

  •   lolottieve hace 1 mes

    Great advice and really clear explanations! Thank you ever so much! :)

  •   MarieJB hace 1 mes

    Thank you so much. You was so much help and a lot of hope. You give me something to think about

  •   anapp33 hace 1 mes

    Cael was great, our session ended quickly and I did not have enough credits left but she left me feeling more at ease.

  •   joannesad hace 1 mes

    thanks for the reading

  •   Cael hace 1 mes

    Thank you for allowing me ^_^

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