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LoveExpert1971 | Oranum
36 Puntuación
$ 2.99 ! ACCURATE PSYCHIC, I am highly intuitive, energy worker , empatic, also i am a love relationship and career expert, oracle cards angel! I have working on Oranum since 2011. My expertise is: expert on love, romance, love triangles, couple relationship, sexuality, family and EXPERT personal life adviser regarding life problems, abuse, also works as a psychotherapist!
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  •   LMA345 hace 22 días

    the very best on uranium!

  •   LMA345 hace 24 días


  •   LMA345 hace 29 días

    the best

  •   LMA345 hace 1 mes

    the best on oranum!

  •   anirakmargary hace 1 mes

    Thank u so much for ur reading! u give me strength! i really hope to came back and say to u ' u say it and it happen'

  •   Strawberygal hace 2 meses

    She good!

  •   hlpkwk8433 hace 2 meses

    Was able to immediately attune herself to my unique situation. she provided open advice then became more specific, empathetic, Honest and direct. She was amazing and a life saver for me and my relationship. I will continue to use her and only her!

  •   cowgirlcb hace 3 meses

    Very spot on with what is going on in my situation wonderful reading Blessings

  •   RoxanneG hace 3 meses

    All I can comment on is that she answered my questions and seem to not need a lot of information. Thanks! I don't know anything about outcomes yet and it is impossible to update this unless I come back and see her again.

  •   LMA345 hace 3 meses

    <3 <3 <3 I love talking to her

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