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  •   eld55555 hace 7 días

    A very good reader - very positive and patient. I enjoyed working with Damsel.

  •   paulie1970 hace 13 días

    really nice person,and great listener and adviser,
    and takes her time with you and makes sure you go away Happy

  •   Narayans hace 15 días

    very accurate

  •   DamselinDistress hace 23 días

    Honorable Members and my worthy Guests, I wanted to inform you people that I will be away till 29th October since I will be vacationing in Europe. I will be back in Pakistan on 30th and hopefully online. Love and Light.

  •   Soniat83 hace 24 días

    I like Damsel reading, always shows positivity.

  •   Soniat83 hace 25 días

    Damsel is a very nice lady and she gives you real opinion. I do love her readings. Give her a try and you will see how real she is.

  •   Narayans hace 26 días

    very helpful and accurate

  •   Soniat83 hace 27 días

    Thank you Damsel for enlightening me with answers.

  •   Soniat83 hace 29 días

    I like Damsel, She is very nice lady. She helps me out during confusing person. I go to her all the time for help.

  •   Narayans hace 1 mes

    she is very fast, and helpful.

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