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marina5 | Oranum
49 Puntuación
I believe in being compassionate and honest in my readings. I'm clairvoyant, a medium, a channeler, empathic, intuitve, and reiki healer. In private readings I connect with your energy. My foundation is God. I'm truly blessed and guided. I love having fun in free chat. I get to know each and everyone of you. I enjoy giving guidance, answering questions on general topics especially Twin Flames.
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  •   anirakmargary hace 3 meses

    Nice nice nice!

  •   Mariyam1111 hace 3 meses

    A beautiful soul... I'm very grateful for her and her gifts.

    Peace and blessings,

  •   ar00x2 hace 4 meses

    thank u Marina for your help, i ran out of credits

  •   2Lucid1Dreamer2 hace 4 meses

    Marina is amazing, she truly is able to get into my energy and understand what i've been going through. really love what she told and it was well worth talking to her.

  •   lovekitty1981 hace 4 meses

    she always the best and i only trust her and i only read with her

  •   lovekitty1981 hace 5 meses

    she is accurate and honest . so honest . her timeline is always accurate . god bless this women .

  •   Vitalie hace 5 meses

    Marina5 is a sincere, generous, intelligent, focused listener and healer. Grateful for her attitude and gifts, each time I hear her.

  •   icecream1981 hace 6 meses

    the best and honest . no sugar coating

  •   lovekitty1981 hace 6 meses

    honest and accurate

  •   miamay hace 9 meses

    wonderful . she's able to connect immediately and tell me about the other's feelings and some future events.

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