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jeter28 | Oranum
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$4.99 a minute, with over 10,000 readings! I am an intuitive who just knows. I see things very clearly and receive visions from spirit. I also am shown events, via my dreams, which later, have come to fruition. I work within the hands of God and do believe he provides my spiritual foundation. I live by the rule that living a peaceful and happy life, filled with love, brings you happiness.
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  •   starfish57 hace 21 horas

    Her precision is superb in determining the cause to the problem. So spot on!
    Thank you.

  •   starfish57 hace 2 días

    thank you for the clarity in the reading.

  •   starfish57 hace 4 días

    Good specific reading. Thank you!

  •   rose423 hace 4 días

    Always so helpful ! She has predicted so many things for me that have been right on point! I highly recommend her!

  •   nessaa89 hace 6 días

    Thankyou so much x

  •   blackcat4 hace 7 días

    she was right on point. Not even required dob or anything still she was on point.. Thank you :D

  •   Contiestate hace 8 días

    Such a beautiful person..Thank you You always help me through the tough moments. I am grateful for have meet you <3

  •   Joolzie1 hace 9 días

    Jeter is always spot in with her readings, very intuitive. Thanks so much Jeter! You rock girl :) <3

  •   familyhelper2 hace 10 días

    So positive, so on point with everything, accurate timeframes. Been coming for years, and will come for many more. Hugs...

  •   starfish57 hace 11 días

    She is very good and can pick up things quickly and directly. She is also very specific with honest answers on how spirit tells her. I sure appreciate her readings. Many accurate predictions.
    thank you!!!!

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