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Dace53 | Oranum
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Hello my name is David. I am an empath among other things but what I love most is helping people. That's what healers do. I have been studying Tarot and other forms of divination for the past 10 years. Have had a small home based business for a short period of time and have been reading professionally for over three years. I read three different Tarot decks, Crystal Ball.

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  •   truelove4us hace 8 días

    Dace is amazing. & empathetic.- Pleeas dont stop attending oranum!

  •   Angela2508 hace 8 días

    very good

  •   dolls79 hace 11 días

    Dace was very warm and welcoming, he answered all my questions and I had a very positive experience and look forward to another reading soon.

  •   hekate hace 22 días

    Totally related to everything David said, thank you so much. Down to earth, kind, but also to the point. One of the genuines on here, a gem.

  •   jf8524 hace 25 días

    he told me things about him that I knew were happening, he really wow me, and his great personality and sense of humor is a bonus!

  •   jf8524 hace 26 días

    What amazed me about David is that he feels & acts like the person you ask about,as I knew that's exactly what the person is going through!

  •   salmoncito hace 27 días

    HI dace, thanks for your patience and generosity. I had one reading on private with dave, very dedicate, and u kept giving advice aside.

  •   ShimmyAura hace 27 días

    Dace, thanks so much for the reading and you are top notch, knowing things that were specific and spot on, thanks dace!!!

  •   starcrossed hace 27 días

    he told me things about them that no one can possibly know..very private and personal things so i know he's real and super gifted

  •   Dace53 hace 27 días

    Thank you for this amazing review Star.... I appreciate it

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