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MysticMilena | Oranum
37 Puntuación
I am experienced reader. I have a high sensitivity of the spiritual world. When I read I send the questions to spirits an they show me the answers by cards. So i can give you only truth and clear answers about love, business, career, any situation in your life.

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  •   KelliF hace 2 días

    Lovely spirit and energy!

  •   moonstars002 hace 11 días

    Very greatful to have her as a reader, doesn't judge, gives clear readings, is fast with her readings, and right on the money.

  •   StarryNites hace 21 días

    Milena is a good reader! she can anticipate the next question you may have and make the reading clearer for you! She reads genuinely!

  •   miracle99 hace 26 días

    She's the bomb!!

  •   miracle99 hace 29 días

    Thank you Milena, you are truly gifted my dear.

  •   aqidahj hace 1 mes

    she's such a lovely person and advice was well received

  •   endymion82000 hace 2 meses

    I just spoke to her and felt that I am talking to a friend, and not to just a clairvoyant/psychic. I appreciate you Milena, love and light!

  •   miracle99 hace 2 meses

    very gifted!! WOW

  •   Joolzie1 hace 2 meses

    Milena is a wonderful reader, very intuitive. Thank you Milena

  •   Angelwings22 hace 3 meses

    Amazing first reading with Milena. She understood details really well from her abilities. She was incredibly fast and very understanding. No judgment and gave excellent read on emotional aspects as well.

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